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5 Reasons to Use a Work Uniform Program

As 2018 comes to a close and companies start thinking about their goals for the new year, investing in a company-wide work uniform program may be at the top of your list. No matter what industry or size of business, there are a multitude of uniform styles and programs, sure to fit the needs of your employees. At Kleen Kraft Services, we have a history of uniform rental excellence and service a range of industries including auto dealerships, dock workers, manufacturing, food safety, and more. Regardless of industry, here are five common reasons why choosing to work with a uniform […]

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Want to be a gift giving superstar this holiday season?

Want to be a gift-giving superstar this holiday season?   Sharing custom logo apparel and accessories is a great way to build your brand with employees, customers, suppliers and all who come into contact with your business. Employee morale is another big reason. Giving employees a holiday gift of apparel – that isn’t a work uniform – is appreciated, especially around the holidays. Gifts of branded merchandise can demonstrate how much you value your employees. And, show them that their daily contributions make a difference to the overall success of the business. Happy and appreciated employees are also more productive.  […]

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Bathroom Chats with Kleen Kraft Services

Janitorial supplies like soap, paper towels, and toilet tissue tend to go unnoticed at a facility until you risk running out. No one wants to slack on important facility supplies, but it’s easy to lose track if you don’t have a system. You know that Kleen Kraft Services can assist you with a structured uniform rental program, but did you know that we also specialize in janitorial (or facility service) supplies? We’re ready to help you keep your workplace clean and germ-free. Clean Facilities Improve Workplace Morale and Overall Image Keeping your cleansers, paper products and other supplies topped off […]

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3 Ways Mats Can Make a Difference in Your Facility

3 Ways Mats Can Make a Difference In Your Facility   Do you have employees who are tired on their feet? We can help with that. Ever have employees or visitors who need to wipe muddy shoes off before walking into your building? We can help with that too. How about keeping your facility clean from the outside in? I think you know the answer. At Kleen Kraft Services, we can provide your business with a variety of different mats for different needs, available in a number of shapes, sizes, and colors as well. Floor mat rental probably isn’t something you […]

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5 Ways Kleen Kraft Services Delivers HACCP Compliant Uniforms

At Kleen Kraft Services, we have a deep understanding of what it takes to be HACCP compliant.  As regulated by the F.D.A., HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Initiative) is mandatory for meat & poultry, juice, and seafood manufacturers, but all food manufacturing facilities adhere to similar preventative standards.  The big idea behind HACCP is to control and prevent potential food safety hazards by requiring certain principles be followed. Just as these principles apply to manufacturers, they apply to us and have informed our approach to cleaning and caring for food processing uniforms. When businesses choose us as their […]

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Now the only SBE certified uniform rental company in the state of California!

NOW THE ONLY SBE CERTIFIED UNIFORM RENTAL COMPANY IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA We are excited to announce that we have achieved SBE Certification or a Small Business Enterprise supplier status for the state of California. Officially listed on Cal eProcure, California’s online marketplace, this SBE certification allows us to partner with state, city and government offices as well as public utilities such as gas, phone, water and electricity for all their uniform rental needs. Family owned and operated since 1952, Kleen Kraft has built a thriving uniform rental and facility maintenance supply business by combining an old-fashioned, honest work ethic […]

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100% Accurate Uniform Deliveries? Yes! With Our Exclusive G-Mark System.

At Kleen Kraft Services, we can guarantee 100% complete uniform deliveries for our customers. That’s because we’re committed to pairing high-quality service with cutting-edge technology. At Kleen Kraft Services, The Accountable Uniform Company®, all complete and accurate deliveries are G-Mark Certified, but what does that mean? Let’s dig in. G-Mark Certification Explained Using a barcode and scanning system, every garment is laundered and inspected for quality control and repairs, then scanned out before it leaves our facility for delivery. This process and our internal software verify each bundle of garments is complete prior to delivery to customers. When we say […]

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Types of towels for towel rental program

3 Kinds of Towels for Your Facility’s Towel Rental Program

Maintaining a healthy and sanitary work environment is incredibly important to any facility. Whether you’re wiping down cars, sopping up spills at a restaurant, or cleaning up your workstation, clean towels are a must! Not all towels are the same though, and there are times when a facility needs to invest in not only clean towels, but the right kind, too. At Kleen Kraft Services, we carry three different types of towels for our towel rental programs and depending what your daily requirements are, we’re able to provide your facility with freshly laundered towels as part of your program. Let […]

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Local dock worker uniform provider

Keep Dock Workers Safe with Enhanced Visibility Uniforms from Kleen Kraft

Local dock workers in and around Southern California have a tough but very important job. They are on call and working on the docks at all hours, often in low visibility and slippery environments. Protect your workers from on-the-job injuries and help them stay comfortable, dry, and visible with complete Enhanced Visibility garments from Kleen Kraft Services. Enhanced Visibility Garments Helps Keep Your People Safe and Company Compliant Reflective clothing known as enhanced visibility workwear is part of a wide spectrum of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for workers in a variety of industries including dock workers. Dock workers are now […]

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Then and Now - Kleen Kraft Uniform Company History

Kleen Kraft Services Then & Now

Kleen Kraft Services has a rich history of uniform rental and facility services in Southern California. Believe it or not, when our story began in 1952, there were over 100 independent uniform rental/laundry companies in our region. Today, there are less than 10 privately owned uniform rental companies, with Kleen Kraft serving as one of the largest! We are still owned and operated by the founding family and now well into the 4thgeneration of family leadership. We’ve come a long way from our beginnings, but still hold true to many of our original values – and believe that it’s an […]

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