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Understanding Kleen Kraft’s Uniform Repair System: Ensuring Every Garment is Perfect

Maintaining and repairing uniforms are crucial for presenting a professional image in any work environment. At Kleen Kraft Services, every detail-from the precision of the stitches to the integrity of the fabric-enhances your brand’s reputation.  Our repair process ensures that each garment upholds the professional standards your company represents, avoiding any damage that could tarnish your image. In doing so, we help bolster the confidence and trust that your brand inspires with your clients. Explore our comprehensive and precise uniform repair process, designed to keep your team’s uniforms in top condition at all times. Why Prompt Uniform Repairs Matter Uniforms […]

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5 Key Questions You Should Ask Before Selecting a Uniform Rental Provider

When it comes to ensuring your employees always look their best, choosing the right uniform rental provider is crucial. A professional appearance is a reflection of your business and is essential for safety and compliance in various industries. Here are the five key questions you should ask before selecting a uniform rental provider. 1. Do They Have a Wide Selection of Employee Uniforms? When selecting a uniform rental provider, it’s important to confirm that they offer a wide variety of uniforms to meet the diverse needs of your workforce, including: Variety in Styles: Employees may require different styles such as […]

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Is Your Business OSHA Compliant? A Guide to Safe Uniforms and Mats

At Kleen Kraft Services, we know that following the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) rules help keep your business safe and injury-free. For more than 70 years, we have been a reliable partner for a variety of businesses across Southern California.  How so? We help them follow strict OSHA rules by providing high-quality rental products and replenishment services, such as uniforms and mats. The Importance of OSHA Compliance for Mats and Uniforms OSHA Uniforms The right uniforms are much more than just about looking professional-they’re about safety. OSHA uniform regulations require employers to protect against a wide variety of […]

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What Life Is Like Working with Kleen Kraft Services

When you partner with Kleen Kraft Services, you’ll discover the experience of working with a local, family-owned company. We pride ourselves on being a responsive uniform provider with an exceptional service team to deliver your employee uniform program.  If you encounter an issue, a quick phone call connects you to our dedicated support team that includes your regular Route Service Rep, Customer Service, Service Manager, and Director of Service. You’re not calling a phone center on the other side of the country! We’re your neighbors and invested in your success, so we can quickly solve issues that come up for […]

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You Know What’s Scary? Paying for Uniforms That Don’t Show Up

Dealing with mysteriously missing uniforms and unnecessary uniform rental costs? At Kleen Kraft, we’ve been serving businesses for over 70 years and we recognize the importance of having uniforms delivered on time. We also know that missing uniforms go beyond mere inconvenience; it has the potential to severely disrupt your team’s efficiency and hurt your business’s budget.  3 Ways Missing Uniforms Can Hurt Your Business Incomplete or late deliveries take a toll on your team’s productivity. Countless industries rely on proper uniforms and garments to be able to do their job safely, such as food processing, bioscience & pharma manufacturing, […]

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Essential Jackets and Outerwear from Kleen Kraft

With the fall season approaching, it’s essential to ready your team with proper uniforms. Southern California is known for its amazing weather, but once the sun goes down, so does the temperature. Embracing the cooler weather, jackets and outerwear become important assets across various industries such as warehouse & transportation, automotive, and trade services. These staple items are especially crucial for staff who work in refrigerated cold rooms. Whether the temperature outside is chilly or not, the internal environment can still require outerwear. Logo Exposure in Any Weather With Kleen Kraft’s customizable outerwear, your logo will shine in any weather […]

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Celebrate International Linen & Uniform Service Day

August 9th is International Linen and Uniform Service Day! As your local uniform provider serving Los Angeles for over 70 years, we are excited to celebrate with professionals around the globe who provide clean uniforms, linens, and facility services to countless businesses.  Work uniforms maintained by a commercial laundry is an essential service for many industries; automotive uniforms give your employees a clean, professional look, in manufacturing flame resistant and enhanced visibility uniforms are critical for safety, and hygienically clean food processing uniforms keep customers healthy and the food supply safe. How have uniforms impacted your life? How International Linen […]

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The Kleen Advantage: Mops, Mats, Towels, & More

Dirty Floors and Their Hidden Dangers  First impressions matter! A clean facility will show anyone who enters that you take pride in your workplace. If your business is dirty, customers will notice. With constant traffic, floors accumulate dust, dirt, and debris quickly. A build-up of grime creates a visually unpleasant environment, and can lead to employee health issues along with other unwanted consequences.  Other ways a dirty floor can affect your business include: Decreased productivity – Dirty floors can be distracting and, if employees become ill due to an unclean environment, it results in a decrease in work productivity.  Shorten […]

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The Heat is On: Kleen Kraft Provides a Cool and Safe Summer Solution

The Heat is On: Kleen Kraft Provides a Cool and Safe Summer Solution With the summer season in full swing, it’s important to be mindful of the potential dangers of rising temperatures and be prepared to take action.  Industries such as manufacturing and automotive repair can face high temperatures inside due to machinery and lack of air conditioning in large shops, where temperatures could be 20 degrees hotter than outside air. For those working outside, especially here in Southern California, intense heat with added sun exposure can be harmful.  The extreme summer heat poses a threat to your employees, and […]

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Enhanced Safety, Enhanced Performance: Industrial Manufacturing Uniforms from Kleen Kraft

In 2022, John Murphy, senior vice president for International Policy at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce shared that “American manufacturers are on a roll.” In fact, the manufacturing industry has bounced back from the pandemic, and today employs 12.6 million Americans with average earnings topping $30 per hour.   As you can see, the industrial manufacturing industry plays a vital role in our economy, and is directly involved in the production of goods used in various industries and everyday life. When it comes to choosing the right industrial uniforms, durability, comfort, and compliance with industry-specific safety guidelines are just a few […]

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As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, Kleen Kraft Services is certified as a Hygienically Clean Food Safety provider and is certified as a State of California SBE. We are a member of the industry associations TRSA and CSCNetwork.

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