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Kleen Kraft Covid-19 Update - Essential Service Designation

COVID-19 Update: Kleen Kraft Designated as Essential Business

COVID-19 Update: Kleen Kraft Designated As Essential Business  Deliveries Will Continue to Service CUSTOMERS Yesterday evening Governor Newsom declared a stay home order for all of California non-essential businesses and workers as a response to the rapidly spreading COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. Kleen Kraft Services is proud to be designated as an essential business during this difficult time. We are here to support the ongoing efforts of the food processing, automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing industries throughout Southern California. We will continue regularly scheduled deliveries and services of uniforms and facility supplies including paper products, hand soaps, and sanitizers. We thank all […]

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Kleen Kraft Infectious Disease Outbreak Response Plan

 Effective Immediately. Based on guidelines from CDC, OSHA, WHO, & TRSA. As a valued customer of Kleen Kraft Services, we appreciate your trust in our service and supply during this challenging environment. We want to assure you that we have already escalated precautionary actions and are taking recommended steps to prevent contagion, protect our team, and protect you – our valued customer. On March 11, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus COVID-19 a global pandemic. Although the risk of infection is still low in the USA, Kleen Kraft is taking serious steps to prevent the spread of disease. […]

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Benefits of FR Clothing for Your Team - Kleen Kraft Services Blog Imag

Benefits of FR Clothing for Your Team

Benefits of FR Clothing for Your Team Kleen Kraft offers a wide variety of FRC options for all categories and industries. From FR work shirts and pants to FR coveralls and outerwear, we have the perfect uniform options to keep your employees safe on the job. What Is FR Clothing And Who Wears It? FRC stands for Flame Resistant Clothing. People who work in hazardous environments, like electricians, linemen, welders, chemical plant workers, and those in the oil and gas industry, are more susceptible to flash fires, flares, and embers on the job. For these workers, using flame-resistant garments is […]

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4 reasons to love your uniform rental company

4 Reasons to Love Your Uniform Rental Company

4 Reasons To Love Your Uniform Rental Company This Valentine’s Day When it comes to Valentine’s Day, there’s lots of love in the air. But can you say you love your uniform rental company? We know love is a pretty strong word. Still, when it comes to our uniform services, our customers are our number one priority. It’s our goal to make sure you feel that love through exceptional, personable service you can count on. Here are just a few ways Kleen Kraft could be showing you how much we care. We deliver your employee’s uniforms complete and on time. […]

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A Day In the Life of a Uniform Delivery Route Service Rep

A Day In the Life of A Route Service Representative

PERSONALIZED SERVICE FROM YOUR UNIFORM SUPPLIER Route Service Representatives, or RSRs, are the faces of Kleen Kraft Services. They’re the people our customers see and interact with during uniform deliveries. They get your garments, mops, towels, mats, soaps and other facility supplies to you every week.  So, what does a day in the life of a Route Service Rep look like? We’re here to give you an inside look at their responsibilities and relationships on the road. Successful UNIFORM Deliveries Start Before Delivery Day  The beginning of their route actually starts at the end of their shift. Before heading home, our […]

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Lab Coats as Part of Your Uniform Rental Program

A Lab Coat can serve many purposes across different career fields. When you think of a Lab Coat, you might think of someone in the medical field, like a doctor or maybe a dentist. But Lab Coats are used in laboratories, animal hospitals, pharmacies, and so much more. Benefits of the Lab Coat The Lab Coat not only gives you a professional look, it also serves as a protective barrier between you and the chemicals and other substances that surround employees in their workspace. The coat covers their clothes and body, protecting from possible spills and exposure to bacteria. Because […]

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On the Docks: Uniform Safety Tips for Loading Dock Workers

On the Docks: Uniform Safety Tips for Loading Dock Workers Loading dock workers have a difficult and sometimes dangerous job, whether they are loading and unloading trucks, filling containers, or moving materials around the building. Many accidents on the shipping dock can be avoided by wearing the correct workwear. Keep your employees protected from injury, from weather, and visible during all hours with enhanced visibility uniforms. Uniforms Can Increase Visibility to Decrease Accidents How can you protect what you can’t see? For an employee working on the shipping dock, visibility is essential to keeping him or her safe. They’re often […]

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What’s the Actual Cost of a Uniform Program?

What’s The Actual Cost of a Uniform Rental Program When considering working with a uniform rental company, it’s important to consider the actual costs of the uniform program as a whole. There is a difference in how rental programs are priced from all-inclusive to low unit costs with some “hidden fees”. Here are a few things to consider: Are losses, damages, and repairs included? What qualifies as “wear and tear”? What happens when you add an employee? What are the other costs or fees associated with the program? These are things you need to question, especially when entering a long-term […]

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See How We Make Switching Uniform Providers Problem Free

Switching Uniform Companies Should Never Be a Hassle A uniform is so much more than just the clothes your employees wear; uniforms provide a sense of unity and togetherness in the workplace, eliminate coworker’s bias based on appearances, and can keep people safe on the job. So when you get frustrated with your national uniform supplier due to lack of communication, unrepaired uniforms in your delivery, or worse, a missing garment, you might consider switching uniform companies. While you realize you want better service, you might be worried about the switching process being more trouble than it’s worth – we […]

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How to Remove Grease & Oil Stains from Employee Uniforms

You’re on the way to work. Traffic is bumper-to-bumper once again, but this morning has something especially stressful in store for you. You reach for your coffee, and then, splash! There it goes onto your lap and freshly cleaned uniform. It happens to all of us. And now there’s an ugly stain making its mark on your uniform. So if your caffeine fix has left you in a similar situation, or if your field of work is prone to all sorts of special splashes and stubborn stains, we’ll share some tips on how to remove even the worst of them […]

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