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At Kleen Kraft Services, we know that following the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) rules help keep your business safe and injury-free. For more than 70 years, we have been a reliable partner for a variety of businesses across Southern California. 

How so? We help them follow strict OSHA rules by providing high-quality rental products and replenishment services, such as uniforms and mats.

The Importance of OSHA Compliance for Mats and Uniforms

OSHA Uniforms

The right uniforms are much more than just about looking professional—they're about safety. OSHA uniform regulations require employers to protect against a wide variety of hazard conditions. For instance, OSHA mandates flame-resistant work clothing in environments where electrical arcs or flash fires are risks

At Kleen Kraft, we make sure that all uniforms we provide meet OSHA requirements to ensure the safety of your employees. Whether it’s flame-resistant fabrics or enhanced visibility features, our protective clothing garments meet the necessary safety standards of OSHA.

When you transition to us for your uniform program, we measure each and every one of your employees to ensure that our uniforms fit correctlya crucial factor in both safety and comfort.

OSHA Floor Mats 

Effective floor safety is another critical aspect of OSHA floor mat requirements. In fact, properly maintained and strategically placed safety mats can significantly reduce workplace accidents. According to Workers Compensation statistics from ITT-Hartford Insurance Company, falls account for 16% of all claims and 26% of all costs relating to workers compensation claims.

OSHA guidelines maintain that walking surfaces must be clean, dry, and hazard-free, which is often achieved with industrial mats. Kleen Kraft Services provides mats that keep your floors clean and enhance safety. From entrance mats that trap dirt and moisture to anti-fatigue mats that increase comfort and reduce slip hazards, our solutions help you maintain OSHA-compliance.

How Kleen Kraft Services Supports OSHA Compliance

Continuous Improvement and Compliance

At Kleen Kraft, compliance with OSHA regulations is part of our commitment to continuous improvement. We stay updated with the latest OSHA standards and implement them into our service offerings, ensuring that your business remains compliant without the hassle.

Customized Solutions

We know that each business has unique needs. That’s why we work with you directly from the get-go to tailor our uniform and mat services to your specific requirements. 

Whether your concern is the food industry’s hygiene standards or the manufacturing industry’s need for durability and visibility, Kleen Kraft has the uniform and mat solution fit for your company. 

Regular Maintenance and Quality Assurance

We provide regular pick-up, cleaning, and maintenance services for uniforms and mats, which ensures that they always meet OSHA's hygiene and safety standards. 

With our G-Mark Inventory Control System, every item is tracked from cleaning to delivery, guaranteeing that your uniforms and mats are always in pristine condition. 

Why Choose Kleen Kraft for OSHA-Compliant Uniforms?

Choosing Kleen Kraft Services means choosing a partner that prioritizes your business’s compliance, safety, and operational needs.

With our commitment to quality, reliability and accountability, we provide more than just uniforms and mats; we deliver peace of mind and personalized support that the “other guys” simply can’t compete with.

Discover the Kleen Kraft Difference 

Ready to learn how a uniform provider can help your business maintain OSHA compliance effortlessly? Contact us today! Our team is ready to provide you with a comprehensive uniform and mat rental package that keeps your facility safe, compliant, and open for business.