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Why Work With Kleen Kraft Services? We’re large enough to service your needs, and small enough to care!

  •   Family Owned – We treat customers like family!
  •   Local – We’re your neighbors here in Southern California.
  •   Responsive – We have the best service team in the industry.
  •   Accountable – The solution to any problem is always just a phone call away.
  •   Dependable – G-mark system prevents shortages and ensures inventory accuracy.
  •   Quality Products – We supply only the best garments from established names like Red Kap, Dickies, SanMar, Bulwark, and more.

We’ve been serving Southern California with exceptional uniform rental and facility maintenance programs for over 70 years. We take pride in combining an old-fashioned work ethic with teamwork, technology, and effective communication, enabling us to provide the most accountable quality-oriented service in the industry. our customers and community.


You Can Expect the Following from Kleen Kraft Services:

On-time, On-schedule Deliveries

Our top priority is providing consistent, timely delivery of your clean uniform products every week. To achieve this, our Route Service Representatives are dedicated to managing specific accounts and are committed to fostering long-lasting relationships through personalized interactions during each pickup and drop-off.

In-Touch with Innovation

Collaborative thinking and continuous innovation are at the core of our team. We strive to stay informed about product updates and emerging technologies that can enhance our process and improve your program.

G-Mark Garment Tracking

Using our state-of-the-art barcode system, we are able to track your assigned garment inventory as well as how often each uniform has been washed and repaired as it travels through our laundering plant. Scanning each bundle as it leaves our facility guarantees precise inventory tracking and delivery you can rely on.

Dig into the Data

In addition to conducting regular visits, we also provide you with comprehensive reports that help inform the decision-making behind your uniform rental and facility maintenance programs.  Working as your partner and as a team, we frequently review your account, identifying innovative ideas and new approaches to enhance your program's efficiency and positively impact your bottom line.

Streamlined Service Requests

We are all about consistency and delivering your uniform products clean and in good repair each week. We understand that wear and tear is inevitable, which is why we make it easy for your employees to request a repair. Your dedicated Route Service Rep will supply you with simple-to-use repair tickets. 

 Kleen Kraft is committed to delivering consistent and high-quality uniform products every week.

Repairs & Replacements Without Request

Each garment that moves through our facility undergoes multiple checks to ensure it passes our quality inspection. If we identify a garment that requires repair or replacement, we take care of it on the spot, often without a specific request from the customer. It’s our responsibility to guarantee quality uniforms at every delivery, and we empower our employees to address any and all quality concerns before the garments leave our facility.

We’re All Ears!

We prioritize effective communication and customer satisfaction. With that goal in mind, we schedule regular goodwill visits with all of our accounts, to ensure your needs and quality expectations are being met.

Crystal Clear Invoicing

Our invoices provide a detailed breakdown of individual workers by name and number, garment styles and sizes, mats and towels by size and quantity, inventory of facility supplies, and any customized programs, so you know exactly what you're paying for. We never add any undisclosed charges, and we stand behind every delivery to ensure your satisfaction. With Kleen Kraft Services, you can trust that you're getting exactly what you pay for.

No Missing Items

We’re proud of our ability to deliver uniforms on time and complete. We achieve this through our state-of-the-art G-Mark barcode system that tracks all of our uniform products, ensuring that each garment is accounted for and delivered to the right place at the right time, every time.

Environmentally Sound


We do our part in creating an environmentally safe planet. Long before the green movement became the trend, Kleen Kraft Services instituted measures to promote recycling and conservation of resources. The green chemistry and procedures utilized by Kleen Kraft Services result in significant conservation of water and energy reducing the environmental impact.

  • Recycle out-of-service garments to secondary use
  • Recycling wire hangers that are used to deliver and store clean garments
  • Specially formulated, environmentally safe detergents
  • A surprising innovation, our heated water serves as an excellent renewable resource.

Instead of unnecessarily using energy to heat unused water, we use a state of the art TEA (Thermal Engineering of America) system to reclaim the heat from used water, which then goes on to heat the incoming water from the local utility.


We treat employees and customers like a member of our family. We seek to build long-lasting relationships with everyone at Kleen Kraft – accounts large and small, employees who have worked with us for a week or 15 years – we treat every account, and every person, with the recognition and respect they deserve.

Contact a customer service representative today and learn more about starting a new program with Kleen Kraft Services! We can’t wait to meet you!

Affiliations & Certifications

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, Kleen Kraft Services is certified as a Hygienically Clean Food Safety provider and is certified as a State of California SBE. We are a member of the industry associations TRSA and CSCNetwork.

local uniform companies trsa badge
Hygienically Clean Certified in Food Safety
local uniform companies sbe certification