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Set the Standard in Pest Control with Kleen Kraft Uniforms

As beautiful as our state is, Southern California is not without numerous pest threats, such as termites, ants, cockroaches, rodents, and more. At Kleen Kraft Services, we understand the very specific demands and regulations that pest control companies face.

In an industry where first impressions and compliance especially matter, maintaining professional yet safe attire is crucial. With over 70 years of experience, we specialize in providing pest control uniforms that offer the protection and durability needed for the job.


Serving the greater Los Angeles area since 1952. Contact us today to learn more about our uniform rental services.

Comprehensive Pest Control Technician Uniforms

Finding the right gear for your team shouldn’t be a hassle. We offer a wide selection of garments that are perfect for pest control professionals in Southern California. Our range includes:

pest control uniforms long sleeve industrial work shirt

Industrial Work Shirts

Industrial Work Shirts

Designed for durability and comfort, our industrial long sleeve work shirts are made from materials that resist wear and tear. The fabric is breathable and treated to repel common pest control chemicals, keeping technicians safe and comfortable during long hours of service.

pest control uniforms jeans

Denim Work Pants

Denim Work Pants

Tough yet comfortable, our denim work pants are designed to withstand daily pest control activities. Features include reinforced seams and pockets, as well as fabric treatments that enhance resistance to stains and odors associated with pest control products.

mimix collection redkap exterminator uniforms, pest control uniforms

MIMIX® Collection

MIMIX® Collection

The MIMIX® collection from Red Kap offers a Flex Panel on the back, which adds stretch and vents exactly where you need them. Ripstop Fabric is 75% stronger than other poplin workwear, while still maintaining its lightweight quality and allowing your team to move quickly and efficiently.

Coveralls exterminator uniform, pest control uniforms



Essential for jobs requiring full-body protection, our coveralls are lightweight and protective. The material used offers barrier protection against pesticides and other hazardous substances.

Each type of garment is selected to meet the specific needs of pest control technicians, ensuring comfort, durability, and professional appearance.

Customized Solutions for Pest Control Professionals

Make a Lasting Impression with Customized Uniforms

Unparalleled Customer Service

Did you know that 75% of consumers recognize businesses by their logos? That’s why we offer uniforms customized with your company’s logo, transforming your team into walking ambassadors. In the competitive pest control industry, having your technicians dressed in customized uniforms builds trust from the first interaction and enhances brand recognition, while also supporting team morale and productivity.

Durability Designed for Exterminators

Durability Designed for Exterminators

Our exterminator uniforms are designed to work as hard as your team. We provide durable, breathable garments that withstand the demands of pest control tasks. From industrial work shirts and pants to coveralls, our uniforms support your team’s day-to-day operations without compromising mobility, ensuring they can move quickly during time-sensitive fumigation procedures.

Hassle-Free Uniform Maintenance and Delivery

Hassle-Free Uniform Maintenance and Delivery

At Kleen Kraft Services, we don’t just provide uniforms; we ensure they remain in prime condition. With our G-Mark Inventory Control System and dedicated Route Service Representatives, we deliver on-time, clean, and well-maintained uniforms directly to you. Additionally, we handle repairs and replacements without the need for a specific request.

Advanced Safety and OSHA Compliance for Pest Control Uniforms

  • OSHA-Compliant Pest Control Workwear

    Safety is critical in pest control operations. Our uniforms meet OSHA compliance standards, providing the necessary protection for your employees. From enhanced visibility and flame-resistant options to coveralls, we ensure your team is equipped to handle hazardous chemicals and environments safely.

  • Flame Resistant (FR) Uniforms

    Designed to protect against extreme heat and potential electrical arcs, our FR uniforms are a critical line of defense for pest control technicians working in high-risk situations. These garments meet the highest safety standards, offering peace of mind and protection.

  • Enhanced Visibility (Enhanced Vis) Workwear

    Visibility is essential for safety, especially in low-light conditions. Our Enhanced Vis uniforms feature retro-reflective striping to reduce the risk of accidents, ensuring your team remains visible and safe both day and night.

  • Quality Laundry Process for Pest Control Uniforms

    Our specialized laundry process ensures your uniforms remain hygienically clean, removing chemicals and sprays that pest control technicians are exposed to. From initial checks to washing, steam tunnel sanitization, and thorough inspections, we guarantee clean and safe uniforms every time.

Why Choose Kleen Kraft Services for Your Pest Control Uniform Needs?

Local Expertise and Responsiveness

As a Southern California business staple for over 70 years, our deep roots translate to personalized, efficient service. This is reflected in our 60 Minute Culture, and route representatives with an average of 20+ years of uniform industry experience.

100% Complete Uniform Deliveries

With our G-Mark Inventory Control System, we can ensure complete and on-time deliveries—every time.

Quality You Can Trust

We choose manufacturers from industry-leading brands such as Red Kap and Bulwark, who are committed to quality and durability.

Safety and Compliance

With uniforms designed to meet the challenges of exterminator work, including FR and Enhanced Vis options, we help you comply with safety standards to protect your team.

Exterminate with Excellence with Kleen Kraft!

Partner with Kleen Kraft Services for pest control uniforms that combine durability with professional style, ensuring your team is perfectly outfitted for every task. Connect with us to explore how our commitment to quality and customized solutions can transform your pest control business' appearance.

Affiliations & Certifications

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, Kleen Kraft Services is certified as a Hygienically Clean Food Safety provider and is certified as a State of California SBE. We are a member of the industry associations TRSA and CSCNetwork.

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Hygienically Clean Certified in Food Safety
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