Next Level of Kleen UV-MAX

Introducing the Next Level of Kleen: UV-MAX Portable Disinfection 

Keeping employees healthy and safe on the job is one of the most important aspects of facility maintenance and should be a top concern of companies as recommended COVID protocols continue to change. Your employees want to know that their work environment is healthy and clean, from the uniforms they wear to the surfaces in the breakroom, office, or plant. That is why Kleen Kraft Services is introducing the next level of clean with the UV-MAX Portable Disinfection Unit into our facilities and making the service available to our customers.

The UV-MAX Disinfection Unit is a mobile surface disinfectant that utilizes UV-C light energy to keep surfaces hygienically clean. The unit uses short-wavelength ultraviolet light that can instantly kill or inactivate germs, bacteria, and viruses by destroying and disrupting their DNA. This leaves them unable to perform vital cellular functions and can halt their spread.

Eliminate Harsh chemicals & Save time

As a fully portable cleaning unit, the UV-MAX can help facilities eliminate the use of harsh chemicals found in standard cleaners, reduce water usage, and save time and money on labor. It is built for long-term durability and provides facilities with a consistent level of clean as it automatically cycles through its disinfection process.

UV-MAX Uses. sanitizing entire rooms in minutes

The UV-MAX is capable of sterilizing surfaces wherever the light touches. This includes:

  • High-touch areas like elevators, door knobs, railings, reception areas, tables, counters, desks, toilets, and sinks
  • Structural Surfaces like walls, windows, ceilings, and hard floors
  • Soft Surfaces like furniture, drapes, carpeted floors, rugs
  • Electronic Devices like computers, tablets, touch screens, keyboards, remote controls
  • Production equipment and machinery

As a non-physical cleaning method, it is also capable of air disinfection and purification to instantly and completely sterilize the air as it naturally circulates which is effective against airborne viruses and pathogens.

UV sanitization for food processing facilities

For food processors who need to be especially careful with the cleanliness and safety of their equipment and workstations, the UV-MAX Sanitizing Service from Kleen Kraft is incredibly effective and safe. Our team can bring the device into your facility on a regular basis to sanitize your facilities, equipment, and workstations. This additional service will help avoid any cross-contamination or germs in your facility.

Internal cleaning & sanitizing protocols with UV-MAX at Kleen Kraft

Don’t just take our word for it, we are also using the UV-MAX to enhance our own protocols for the safety of our customers and employees. Prior to delivery, we are sanitizing the interior of all of our delivery trucks before loading to keep your garments and rental items safe and clean. We are also using this process in our production plant and offices to keep workstations, production equipment, and office areas sanitized.

Want to learn more about the UV-MAX Disinfection Unit that we can use in your facility or about the variety of facility service supplies we offer? Contact us to learn more about our individualized rental programs.