Return to work safely PPE & Sanitizers from Kleen Kraft


Kleen Kraft is by your side during this challenging time and is here to give you the tools you need to return to work safely. As a family-owned company, we understand the importance of keeping people and families safe. These safety measures can start in the workplace! Whether a current customer or a prospective customer of ours, we are dedicated to providing products and services that companies need to work safely and stay healthy.


Face Masks for Sale in Southern California - Kleen Kraft Services

Face Masks

We’ve expanded to offer face masks for your company, employees and any outside visitors. These are washable to keep them germ free.

Message & Safety Mats

Practicing social distancing and good hygiene made easy with our mats, reminding all of us these essential messages, while making employees feel comfortable and at ease as they return to work safely.

Microfiber Mops & Towels

Engineered to capture and hold bacteria and viruses, the microfiber found in our towels and mops is crafted to grab the germs and keep your workplace clean.

Paper Necessities

Modern dispenser systems for paper towels and toilet tissue keep your restrooms stocked and sanitary. Our tissue is soft, strong, and absorbent. One roll can last as long as 5 rolls of regular toilet tissue!

Soaps + Sanitizers

Get solid hygiene solutions throughout the workplace. From pump, spray, or hands-free automatic dispensers, we have the options to fit your needs. Our hand sanitizers kill 99.9% of germs on contact and our surface sanitizers are 80% alcohol disinfectant. As part of a comprehensive facility maintenance program, we offer weekly replenishment services for all soap and sanitizer products.

Disposable gloves - Kleen Kraft

Disposable Gloves

Available for personal use only and designed to help reduce the spread of viruses in your workplace. Disposable gloves are always nice to have in stock. We’ll monitor your supply and replenish them for you.

All, Delivered to Your Door Consistenly!

You have enough to manage with monitoring your workplace and adjusting policies. Let Kleen Kraft help you with any or all of these supplies to keep your employees and visitors safe. We deliver straight to your door and monitor your supply levels making sure you never run out of these critical items.

Let Us Help You Return to Work Safely

SoCal is ready to return to work safely and we are here to help make that happen! While you take care of the business side, let us help take care of your employees.

Call us at 1-800-KLEEN-LA or request more information here.