2022 Celebrating 70 Years In Business

Kleen Kraft, Southern California's only Local Uniform Rental Company 70 year badge"Our 70th Anniversary is a celebration of my grandfather’s enterprise, my father’s vision, and our family’s commitment to serving our customers with reliable, accountable uniform rental services,” shared owner, Fred Antman. “When our business started there were over 100 locally-owned uniform rental companies in the area. Now we are the sole independent firm. As we kick off our 70th year in business, I’m thrilled to have my son, Rick Antman, onboard to continue the family business for years to come.”  Read More >

2020 - Kleen Kraft Earns Hygienically Clean Certification in Food Safety From TRSA

Hygienically Clean Certified Food Safety

The Hygienically Clean Certification in Food Safety reflects our commitment to carrying out the best management practices (BMPs) in the laundry industry and our capability to consistently deliver hygienically clean uniforms, free of harmful bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants. 

2018 - Kleen Kraft Is Certified As A Small Business Enterprise (SBE)

Kleen Kraft is certified by the State of California as a small business enterprise - also called Small Business Enterprise Certification or SBE Certified.. This is an official classification that required quite a lot of paperwork and over 2 months of official review. At the time, there are no other SBE Certified uniform rental companies in Southern California. Kleen Kraft Services SBE Certification ID #2010831

2004 - Kleen Kraft Purchases Pride Uniform Rental Corp

KLEEN KRAFT purchased Pride Uniform Rental Corp., adding $40,000 of garment volume and filling some key management positions.

1993 - Fred Antman Appointed President And CEO

The board of directors appointed Fred Antman as president and CEO of the company

1991 - Distribution Facility Opened In Commerce, CA

After retrofitting the Towne Avenue plant to comply with local earthquake ordinances, KLEEN KRAFT decided to separate the uniform rental business from the linen. In December a distribution facility was opened in Commerce, about eight miles from the plant and closer to the primary marketing areas. The Commerce facility serves as the corporate office, stockroom, route storage and distribution. 

1978 - Kleen Kraft Purchases Supreme Laundry And Linen

KLEEN KRAFT needed larger facilities and purchase Supreme Laundry and Linen combining both businesses under one roof. From 1978 to 1900, the uniform rental sales increased fivefold. 

1975 - Fred Antman Joins The Company

In October, after a two-year career in sports writing and journalism, Fred Antman joined the company. 

1968 - Uniform Rental Part of Business Begins

Continuous Improvement

The company started in the uniform rental business and gradually moved out of the commercial laundry business. The uniform rental division began its marketing thrust in the early 1970s with several key acquisitions. 

1956 - Seymour Antman Joins The Business

Albert's son, Seymour Antman, joined the business and moved it to a larger 5,000 square foot location with its own washroom and flat work ironers. This expansion improved the ability of KLEEN KRAFT to serve its dry cleaner customers. 

1952 - The Company Begins

KLEEN KRAFT SERVICES was started by Albert Antman as a small retail laundry near the University of Southern California. This location of less than 2,5000 square feet did the pressing and ironing of retail garments. It did not have its own washroom and had to send its laundering to another plant.

Our History

Affiliations & Certifications

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, Kleen Kraft Services is certified as a Hygienically Clean Food Safety provider and is certified as a State of California SBE. We are a member of the industry associations TRSA and CSCNetwork.

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Hygienically Clean Certified in Food Safety
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