Food Processing & Manufacturing Uniforms

HACCP Food Processing & Manufacturing Uniforms

Southern California is known for its rich agriculture, consumable products, and food manufacturing and processing. As this economic sector has grown and transitioned over time to meet the needs of its consumers and comply with evolving USDA and FDA regulations, so has Kleen Kraft Services.

There’s a reason that so many of our clients are food-manufacturing facilities: We have designed our food safety uniform program to meet and surpass the FDA and USDA standards.

We make it our responsibility to help food processors stay HACCP compliant by preventing cross-contamination and providing hygienically clean garments. With years of experience servicing food-processing plants of every size throughout Southern California, we maintain a thorough understanding of HACCP and have a detailed process that follows specific, uniform guidelines to help our food-processing customers remain productive and safe.


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Kleen Kraft is Hygienically Clean certified in Food safety

Kleen Kraft Services has received the Hygienically Clean Certification in Food Safety from the Textile Rental Service Association (TRSA), reflecting our commitment to keeping our food processing customers productive, safe, and healthy.

Kleen Kraft passed three rounds of quantified biological testing by an accredited laboratory, verifying that our laundry processes are producing Hygienically Clean Food Safety uniform garments that meet internationally recognized hygiene standards. Microbial testing provides tangible proof that our garments are free of mold, yeast, viruses, and bacteria, including E-coli, Salmonella, Candida, Staph, and others.

To receive the certification, Kleen Kraft additionally underwent a comprehensive, third-party inspection that confirmed essential evidence that:

  • Our employees are properly trained and protected
  • Our management understands the most up-to-date legal requirements and regulations
  • We are OSHA-compliant
  • Our physical plant operates effectively

Food Processing Garments

Choose from a variety of uniform garments in fabrics and fits that keep your employees safe and comfortable on the job, including uniforms made from durable fabrics that can withstand the intense laundering process required for you to meet HACCP compliance over and over again. We support your safe food-handling requirements, helping reduce cross-contamination through proper attire. Kleen Kraft Services offers a wide range of garments that can be customized for your unique operation, including:

-   Wrap-around smock

-   Pocketless shirts

-   Butcher gowns

-   Lab Coats

-   Cook’s shirts & pants

-   Chef coats & pants

-   Aprons

-   And more!

Wrap Around Smocks Image

Wrap Around Smocks

Our 3-quarter sleeve aprons with reversible self-tie closures are an ideal choice for anyone in food processing or manufacturing facilities. Available in assorted colors.

Aprons Image


Aprons play an essential role in protecting other uniform garments and reducing cross-contamination. We offer a range of aprons that can help your employees protect themselves and their uniforms. 

lab coat

Lab Coats

Our lab coats are designed specifically for food manufacturing and processing with proper gripper closures and pocket placement. Whether you need pocketless options or different colors to suit your facility, we have you covered. Available in several colors.

Butcher Coats Image

Butcher Coats with Knit Cuffs

Butcher coats are a must-have for many food manufacturing and processing facilities. Our range of butcher coats offers knit cuffs, gripper closures, and pocket placement or pocketless options to ensure safety and compliance with food handling regulations. Available in assorted colors and with color-coding options.

Food Manufacturing Uniforms Laundering Process

Our procedure in laundering garments is to use the best chemicals and methods available to ensure excellent cleanliness, maintain sterile and bacteria-free garments, and preserve fabric life. Rest assured our detergent formulas and methods for washing food-handling garments conform with Title 22 of the California Administrative Code, which deals with the cleanliness of laundries.

  • We are sure to remove surface debris and check pockets for physical objects such as food, headphones, utility knives, etc.
  • Garments then go through a multi-step wash procedure.
  • After the wash cycle, garments are run through our high-temperature steam tunnel
  • And finally, through the clean sort inspection and ATP testing.
  • All of our Route Representatives have been trained on how to avoid cross-contamination of soiled garments and clean garments. All carts used to deliver products to a food-processing customer are sterilized, lined with plastic, and sealed before any uniform garments are placed in the vehicle.

There are two key factors in the proper sanitation of food processing garments  to prevent contamination during the wash cycle.


Wash formulas must be engineered to produce hygienically clean garments that are free from microbial contamination due to bacteria and viruses.


An appropriate water temperature during the wash cycle is essential to kill any microorganisms on the garment.

Uniforms for HACCP Compliance:
Safe and sterile laundry process from start to finish!


For the purposes of industrial laundering, HACCP means only one thing to a customer: the prevention of cross-contamination that could impact your product. At Kleen Kraft, we have developed a detailed HACCP Program to ensure you have hygienically clean garments that are free of bacteria, viruses, and other disease-producing organisms.

Any garment that is worn inside a food processing or manufacturing plant is considered a “food surface”, and we treat your uniform garments as an integral part of the food safety process.

Expert Facility Maintenance Products & Supplies

In addition to flexible, compliant food processing uniforms, we also supply customers with facility service products including floor mats, mops, towels, hand soaps & sanitizers, as well as paper product fulfillment.


Kleen Kraft is a local, independently owned uniform rental provider that has served the uniform and facility needs of food processing operations for decades. We have the capacity and inventory necessary to provide everyone in your company—from the production line workers to lab techs to sales representatives—with top-of-the-line uniforms that are safe, sterile, and feel great too. Request a quote today.

Affiliations & Certifications

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, Kleen Kraft Services is certified as a Hygienically Clean Food Safety provider and is certified as a State of California SBE. We are a member of the industry associations TRSA and CSCNetwork.

Hygienically Clean Certified in Food Safety