Kleen Kraft Earns Hygienically Clean Certification from TRSA

Why do so many SoCal food processing companies choose Kleen Kraft Services as their uniform provider? We don’t cut corners! With years of experience servicing food processing plants, we take the steps necessary to keep your workers and the food supply safe from contamination, exceeding FDA and USDA standards, and complying with HACCP principles. We are committed to keeping our food processing customers productive, safe, and healthy—and we can prove it too!

Kleen Kraft Services is excited to announce that we have received the Hygienically Clean Certification in Food Safety from the Textile Rental Service Association (TRSA)!

What does the certification mean?

The Hygienically Clean Certification in Food Safety reflects our commitment to carrying out the best management practices (BMPs) in the laundry industry and our capability to consistently deliver hygienically clean uniforms, free of harmful bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants.

How did we earn the certification?

To receive the certification, Kleen Kraft underwent a comprehensive independent third-party inspection that confirmed essential evidence that:

  • Our employees are properly trained and protected
  • Our management understands the most up-to-date legal requirements and regulations
  • We are OSHA-compliant
  • Our physical plant operates effectively

Kleen Kraft passed three rounds of quantified biological testing by an accredited laboratory, verifying that our laundry processes are producing Hygienically Clean Food Safety garments and reusable textile items that meet internationally recognized hygiene standards. Microbial testing provides tangible proof that Kleen Kraft delivers Hygienically Clean garments free of mold, yeast, and bacteria including E-Coli, Salmonella, Candida, Staph, and others.

To maintain our certification, Kleen Kraft will pass quarterly testing to ensure that we continue to produce high-quality, hygienic garments that are safe for our food processing customers. We must also ensure that there is at least one dedicated onsite expert who has completed the Hygienically Clean Course.

HACCP compliant & exceeding regulations

The Hygienically Clean Certification also confirmed that Kleen Kraft practices and follows the seven HACCP principles, prevents cross-contamination, and makes sure our garments are free of viruses or bacteria. HACCP practices examined included:

  • Conducting hazard analysis
  • Determining Critical Control Points, monitoring their control, correcting them if not under control
  • Validating and verifying HACCP system effectiveness
  • Documenting and record-keeping to show ongoing performance

Our inspection also evaluated and confirmed that our practices relevant to handling and processing textile products used in food manufacturing and processing adhere to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) directives.

A uniform rental service you can count on

Kleen Kraft supports our customer’s safety in food-handling while keeping your staff comfortable and professional looking. Want to learn more about how we are continuing to keep our customers safe and healthy or about our food processing uniform rental program? Contact us to learn more!