Questions to Ask When Choosing a Uniform Rental Company

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Uniform Rental Company

It can be challenging trying to choose the right uniform provider for your business, especially if you don’t know what questions to ask. Whether you are ready to make a switch or starting a uniform rental program for the first time, at Kleen Kraft, we make implementing a uniform program easy! To make things even easier, we’re answering some of the most common questions we receive from potential customers.

Who will handle our account?

We treat our customers like members of our family. That means that with every account, big or small, we seek to build long-lasting relationships. That’s why with Kleen Kraft, you work with a dedicated Route Service Representative who makes sure all of your needs are met. In addition, our Service Supervisors will make regular goodwill visits to review your account, make sure you are satisfied with our services, and identify ways to improve your program to make sure you and your entire staff are happy.

How do your services work?

Our representative will work with you to create a customized uniform rental program that is designed to fit all of your needs. From well-fitted garments to custom-logo entry mats, from towels and mops to PPE and sanitizers, we work to guarantee your laundry services with timely deliveries so that your employees always have high quality and hygienically clean uniforms and supplies for every shift.

How do we report or request repairs or replacement garments?

We’re all about consistency and delivering your uniform products clean and in great condition each week. Our team checks and rechecks all garments that come into our laundry facility for any mishaps like missing buttons, loose pockets, or torn seams, to name a few. If any come through that require repair, we employ a unique “in-line” repair system to take care of the problem on the spot as part of our commitment to providing quality garments. Your employees can also easily request a repair by filling out a repair ticket and attaching it to the garment or giving it to your Route Service Representative. If a uniform cannot be repaired, then it will automatically be replaced with a new garment, ready for your next delivery.

How hard is it to switch from your current uniform provider?

Kleen Kraft makes the process of switching easy with our efficient prep and planning process. We work with you to uncover the issues with your previous supplier and create a customized rental program that addresses your needs. As a local provider, we can guarantee that your employees will have quality, fitted uniforms within just 14 days of signing with us.

What industries do you serve?

Because we offer a wide range of garments and customized rental programs, Kleen Kraft serves a variety of industries including food processing, manufacturing, and auto dealerships to name a few. We also can provide branded outerwear and office apparel. Learn more about the industries we serve.

What makes Kleen Kraft a better choice than your current provider?

Consistency. Accountability. Personalized Service. You will experience consistency with long-term Kleen Kraft service representatives, accounting staff, and management contacts. No high turn-over drivers here. We are proud to say that most of our employees, from office staff to delivery drivers to production workers, have been with us for at least 5 years, and many for over 25 years. We don’t just say we are accountable, we put it in our logo! Kleen Kraft stands behind what they agree to do.

As a local company, Kleen Kraft can provide you with a level of personalized customer service that national uniform providers can’t. Family-owned and operated since 1952, our attention to customer service and running a reliable uniform rental program are part of our legacy and something we carry from generation to generation. Our program is built by combining old-fashioned, honest work ethic with teamwork, technology, and a family-first attitude.

Have more questions you want to ask us? Our representatives are happy to answer! Contact us today to learn more about our program and services or request a quote.