Uniform Rental Services

The Accountable Uniform Rental Company

Kleen Kraft Services offers a wide range of uniform rental programs that are high-quality and customized to your operation. We keep your workforce looking their best by providing top-of-the-line uniform apparel that is comfortable and stylish while being laundered and maintained to the highest industry standards.

Serving a variety of industries like food processing, industrial, manufacturing, automotive, and more throughout Southern California, we supply our customers with quality garments from established brands like VF/Red Kap, SanMar, Bulwark, Port Authority, Wrangler, Dickies, and The North Face. Our customer-centric mentality and history of doing the right thing have positioned us as a leading uniform rental company in the region.

Why Use a Uniform Rental Program?

With a uniform rental program, you eliminate the enormous up-front costs of outfitting a workforce while also saving the time, effort, and cost of laundering garments, towels, and mats. By implementing a uniform program, it brings consistency, accountability, and personalized service to your business while helping increase employee morale and productivity.


Serving the greater Los Angeles area since 1952. Contact us today to learn more about our uniform rental services.

The Industries We Serve

Family-owned and operated since 1952, we serve a variety of industries across Southern California region.

Automotive Uniforms

We offer automotive uniforms for everyone at your dealership, from your professional staff and sales team to your mechanics and behind-the-scenes technicians.

Food Processing Uniforms

Our Hygienically Clean Certified food safety uniform program meets and exceeds FDA and USDA standards while complying with all HACCP protocols to keep our customers productive, safe, and sterile.

Industrial & Manufacturing Uniforms

Provide your employees with the highest quality industrial uniforms and workwear to keep your employees happy and looking their best.

Warehouse & Transportation Uniforms

Warehouse & Transportation Uniforms

Whether your workers are packaging in the warehouse or on the go making deliveries, keep them outfitted in workwear that is flexible, comfortable, and professional.

Bioscience & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Uniforms

Bioscience & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Uniforms

Keep your staff safe on the job with professional workwear, including lab coats, that meets or exceeds all OSHA and CDC protocols.

Trade Services Uniforms

Trade Services Uniforms

No matter the trade, your employees represent your business. Give them a uniform that not only looks professional when interacting with customers but is also comfortable on the job.

Chemical & Energy Uniforms

Chemical & Energy Uniforms

Worker safety is a top priority. Stay fully compliant and keep your workers safe with a uniform program designed to be durable and withstand the toughest stains.

Enhanced Visibility Uniforms

Keep your employees safe and visible on the job without sacrificing comfort with enhanced visibility garments.

Flame Resistant Clothing

Comply with personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements and keep your workers safe from burns and injury with flame-resistant clothing.

Business Casual Apparel

Business Casual Apparel

Promote your brand and maintain a consistent image while leaving a lasting impression on your customers with business casual uniform garments for your business.

Jackets & Outerwear

Rain or shine, have employees promote your business on the go with branded, quality outerwear.

How Much Does a Uniform Program Cost?

Every employer and workplace are a little different. Since uniform programs are highly individualized, pricing will vary based on the garments selected and the number of workers. Our representatives will work with you to develop a program that fits your needs.

Expect More Than Just a Uniform Program with Kleen Kraft Services

Why choose Kleen Kraft Services for your uniform rental program? Because as a local, family-owned business, you can rely on us as The Accountable Uniform Company® to provide you with:


Never experience late or incomplete deliveries. Using our G-Mark Inventory Control System, every uniform is accounted for and inspected multiple times to ensure on-time and complete deliveries, without shortages, every time.


We hold ourselves to the highest standard of accountability. We are large enough to service every customer’s unique uniform needs but small enough to drive home that feeling of personal service and attention to detail.

Quality Products:

We are dedicated to providing our customers with a range of durable, high-quality uniform rental products for any of their needs. Whether it is manufacturing, automotive, food processing, or business casual—we have the solution for you.

Unparalleled Customer Service:

As a local company, we are your neighbors and will provide you with personalized customer service from reliable employees. The average route representative tenure on our team is 12 years—and that number reflects our focus on building positive relationships with everyone, customers and employees alike.

Commercial Laundering & 100% Complete Deliveries

Commercial laundering provided by Kleen Kraft is one of the most effective ways to ensure that every garment in your facility is cleaned to the highest standards. Our laundering process uses environmentally friendly, industrial-scale machinery capable of handling all of your worker’s garments, as well as your facility’s towels and mats. Our equipment is designed to remove even the toughest stains left by oil and grease through advanced features that you won’t find on any home washing machine.

Kleen Kraft’s uniform rental programs guarantees that you have uniforms that are in great condition every week, while giving your employees the added benefit of no at-home laundry! Every garment that enters our facility is inspected, and we make all necessary repairs and replacements on the spot. Using our G-Mark Inventory System, we eliminate missing uniforms and ensure 100% complete deliveries.

Why Choose Kleen Kraft Services?

We build long-lasting relationships with every one of our customers – accounts large and small, – we treat you with the recognition and respect you deserve. Customers get to know our staff, and we have employees who have worked for us for many years, making those relationships even stronger. It’s our promise to every customer that you will get quality garments, unparalleled customer service, and the highest level of accuracy and accountability from our team. Because when you work with us, you become part of our family.

Ready to work with The Accountable Uniform Company? Learn more about the industries we serve and the variety of rental uniform programs we offer!

Affiliations & Certifications

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, Kleen Kraft Services is certified as a Hygienically Clean Food Safety provider and is certified as a State of California SBE. We are a member of the industry associations TRSA and CSCNetwork.

Hygienically Clean Certified in Food Safety