Introducing the Sanitizing Laundry Cart Washer


At Kleen Kraft Services, we live by the value of Continuous Improvement. We provide our customers with the highest quality products and services to address your garment rental needs for today and well into the future. In today’s environment, more than ever, sanitation is one of your most important concerns. And Kleen Kraft is paying attention!

With your employee safety in mind, we are now introducing a new cart sanitizing system engineered to effectively clean, disinfect, and dry the delivery carts that bring fresh laundry to your facility, including uniform garments, towels, and other reusable items.

Kleen Kraft is the only uniform rental company in Southern California to use this automated cart washing system in order to provide the highest hygienic standards to our customers.

  • Guaranteed disinfection for Hygienically Clean Laundry Carts
  • Combined thermal and chemical disinfection kills germs, viruses, fungi, and bacteria
  • High-temperature wash and advanced drying system
  • Specialized high-pressure sprayers

Using the latest in commercial laundering techniques, specialized detergent formulations, and high temp dryers, our production plant provides the highest level of garment cleanliness and safety for your entire uniform wearing workforce. No home laundry can achieve the same results, but we’re not stopping there. That’s why Kleen Kraft has also introduced the UV-MAX daily truck sanitizing, increased cleaning protocols throughout our facility, and now the Sanitizing Cart Washer.

Through technological innovation, we are dedicated to surpassing the expectations of our customers by always reaching for the next level of service and reliability. In today’s world, this means increased cleanliness, sanitization, and safety protocols for our own employees and our customers.

Want to learn more about any of our cleaning procedures in place to keep our customers safe and healthy? Contact us today to learn more!