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Kleen Kraft's 60 Minute Culture

When we talk to prospective customers, we hear a variety of different complaints about other uniform providers. From product shortages to incomplete or missing deliveries, damaged and dirty garments, or rising prices and unexplained fees. However, the most frustrating complaint we hear about other uniform rental companies is that customers will sometimes go days, or even weeks, waiting for a response to their questions or complaints.

At Kleen Kraft, that is simply unimaginable. Open communication and customer satisfaction are extremely important to us. That is why we operate on what we call our 60-Minute Culture. This means that if one of our customers has a question, concern, or complaint, one of our representatives will be in contact to resolve the issue or let you know when we will resolve it within 60 minutes or less. That is our guarantee.

High-Quality Customer service is our legacy

At Kleen Kraft Services, our attention to customer service and running a reliable uniform rental program is part of our legacy. It’s what makes us The Accountable Uniform Company®. We have carried that dedication with us from generation to generation since we first started in 1952.

Because this legacy is so ingrained in our culture, our employees are dedicated to building strong relationships with our customers and suppliers. When you work with us, you become part of our family. In every customer interaction, we strive to be transparent and honest in our communication. We hold ourselves accountable for delivering 100% complete uniforms on time, professionally laundered, and expertly repaired with high-quality customer service.


Looking for a Uniform Rental Company You Can Count On? let's Talk!

Are you tired of waiting to hear back from your current uniform provider and want a uniform provider where you talk to a real person to resolve your problems within 60 minutes or less? Talk with one of our customer service representatives today to learn more about starting a new uniform rental program with Kleen Kraft Services!