uniform rental costs

Dealing with mysteriously missing uniforms and unnecessary uniform rental costs?

At Kleen Kraft, we’ve been serving businesses for over 70 years and we recognize the importance of having uniforms delivered on time. We also know that missing uniforms go beyond mere inconvenience; it has the potential to severely disrupt your team’s efficiency and hurt your business’s budget. 

3 Ways Missing Uniforms Can Hurt Your Business

Incomplete or late deliveries take a toll on your team's productivity. Countless industries rely on proper uniforms and garments to be able to do their job safely, such as food processing, bioscience & pharma manufacturing, and trade services

Moreover, missing and late uniforms affect:

1. Productivity

When employees are left without their workwear due to missing uniforms, their efficiency takes a hit. If your business depends on safety attire in order to follow regulations, and uniforms are missing or late, then production may come to a complete halt. 

2. Management Costs

When one or more of your workers have missing uniforms, the problem moves up to their supervisor. Time wasted searching for missing garments, counting delivered products, and calling your service provider to figure out what happened; that adds up to expensive extra work for your management team.

3. Professionalism

Uniforms serve as a visual representation of your brand. For customer-facing industries, the absence of uniforms may seem unprofessional. 

4. Your Bottom Line

Whether you’re paying for products or garments that never arrive or arrive late, you’re losing money. A uniform rental program is meant to help you save money, time, and hassle - Kleen Kraft can deliver.  

Kleen Kraft Solves Your Uniform Rental Problems

Working with Kleen Kraft Services, Southern California’s local and reliable uniform provider, solves the issue of missing uniforms. Our G-Mark tracking technology allows us to monitor and track each and every garment in your inventory ensuring precise and complete deliveries. Additionally, with our tracking system, you have the ability to view the quantity of garments scheduled for your next delivery, enabling you to anticipate exactly what you will be receiving. 

Our commitment to exceptional customer service extends to our convenient inventory management practices. We are dedicated to ensuring that you can rely on us for accurate, complete, and timely uniform deliveries, every time. Our responsiveness ensures your uniform concerns are addressed promptly. Speak to a real human within minutes! 

Don’t get caught in a scary situation with missing uniforms, contact us today!