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It’s no secret that when your employees are happy, they will stay with your company longer. While a great uniform program may not specifically help you reach your employee retention goals, it could play a role.

Whether your employees are in the office, on the manufacturing floor, working on the docks or in the lab, they likely wear uniforms.

While we know it takes many different parts of company culture, leadership, and benefits to help keep employees happy, we also know that something as simple as a uniform can boost the happiness factor too.

Uniform Programs Provide Several Benefits

In more way than one, uniform programs are a benefit. Not just because they are something you offer to employees, but because wearing uniforms can also help people feel good. We’re not just talking about high-quality garments and fabrics that feel good, but the feeling employees have when they are a part of the company – made clear by wearing uniforms. Uniforms aren’t about making everyone look the same – they’re about making everyone feel a part of the same thing. Solidarity with their co-workers, a sense of pride and loyalty to their job and their employer.

Providing uniforms to your employees instills a sense of trust in them since they feel that connection to representing the company. That has to be a great feeling, right?

Performance Improves with Uniform Programs

When your employees walk out on to the shop floor, all in uniform, there is that feeling of “we’re in this together.” That feeling and the happiness it brings are contagious! When your employees take pride in their job, in wearing their uniform, they influence others to feel the same way.

Yes, uniform programs deliver a level of professionalism, which in turn, can improve performance and employee satisfaction. Uniforms remove distraction or evaluation of what others are wearing, and can also avoid the socio-economic component of clothing. This means less distractions and more focus on the performance of employees rather than how they look.

Uniform Programs Can Make Life Easier

Our Uniform Rental Program will lighten the load for both your management team and your employees

For management:

  • Complete Deliveries. With our G-Mark Certified delivery, your employees’ uniforms are delivered complete each week, which means lower administration costs and improved communication with this tech-savvy approach.
  • Employee Safety. With the right uniforms, you can help provide added safety for your staff – that includes flame retardant garments for those working around this potential hazard; enhanced visibility wearables for workers along roads or near heavy equipment; and basic apparel that fits properly which helps avoid tripping or tangling in machinery.

For uniform wearers

  • No more laundry to take home. Uniform rental programs mean they get clean uniforms delivered weekly.
  • Save them time and money. No need to purchase work-appropriate attire or work only clothes when they have uniforms ready to go.
  • Pride. Give them high-quality uniforms that help them look and feel good. What a perk!

Share Uniform Happiness in Your Workplace

Uniform rental programs enhance your brand through the eyes of customers and visitors to your facility. They also give employees the professional appearance that they can take pride in. Take the opportunity to develop a seamless image and brand recognition through a customized uniform rental program with Kleen Kraft Services.  We look forward to helping you add a little more Uniform Happiness to your workplace, contact us today.