Benefits of a Shop Towel Rental & Cleaning Service

Benefits of Shop Towel Rental Programs - Kleen Kraft Blog Image

Whether you’re running an auto repair center, lube shop, or a manufacturing plant, your shop’s success depends on the tools you use. From top-quality equipment to the skills of each employee, and even the towels used to wipe away grime, all contribute to the success of your business. Let’s pretend you didn’t see the title of this blog, and surprise you by focusing on the last item listed: the shop towel.

The experts at Kleen Kraft Services are here to show you how you can benefit from a shop towel rental program to kick your shop into the next gear. We offer several types of durable cloth towels including 100% cotton absorbent shop towels, microfiber towels for finer applications, and terrycloth bar towels, in addition to all of our uniform rental options.

Shop Towel Cleaning Service vs. Buying Disposable Towels

You might be considering the do-it-yourself approach, but taking on the challenge of cleaning your own shop towels is a rare decision since it’s difficult to do right. You must also take into account the thorough regulations and restrictions on oil and solvent rag disposal put in place by the EPA. Why not enlist a shop rag cleaning service? Kleen Kraft has systems in place to efficiently and safely keep your towels clean and ready for use.

Are you considering purchasing disposables towels? While disposable wipes may seem cheap upfront, single-use towels have an unexpected higher cost per use compared to reusable shop towels. According to a recent study, you only need one reusable towel to perform the same task that requires 5-10 disposable towels. The reusable towels could, in fact, save you 66% - 83% in overall costs. And think of all the waste being created that must be disposed of properly and separately from traditional waste, increasing your costs. Add in the fact that disposable wipes are not nearly as absorbent nor as soft as the different towels available from a replenishment program like ours and the advantages quickly add up.

Shop Towel Programs, More than Just Rags

In some shops a “rag” will do just fine. However, many machine shops, manufacturers, and auto repair shops rely on towel programs for cleanliness, compliance, and peace of mind.  Imagine having a towel rental and replenishment program where your supplies were monitored, maintained, and guaranteed clean, while observing all requirements for washing items with potentially hazardous chemicals.

Let us do the dirty work for you. We have several different styles of towels available and all are delivered to you clean, packaged, and ready to go. We wash and process more than 100,000 pounds of laundry each week. This includes work uniforms, mats, and towels for businesses throughout the greater Los Angeles area. You can count on our programs to deliver clean towels and other items, ready to go when you need them.

What’s Included in Kleen Kraft’s Shop Towel Services?

At Kleen Kraft Services, we cater our towel rental program to meet your needs - we won’t force you to comply with demands like our national competitors. Our towel programs include:

  • No upfront towel investment
  • Lower, consistent maintenance costs when you’re a part of one of our overall rental programs
  • Safe disposal of hazardous or unsanitary materials for you, guaranteeing regulatory compliance and the highest cleanliness standards
  • Regular pick-up and delivery schedules that fit your needs, so you aren’t wondering where your next set of clean towels is coming from

Environmentally Sound Processes

We do our part to reduce impact on the environment and have done so for decades. We use specially formulated, biodegradable detergents, and use a state of the art TEA system to reclaim heat from used water so it goes on to heat incoming water. You could say that our shop towel cleaning programs are a craft in cleanliness. We also recycle shop towels and uniform garments that are no longer usable by our customers.

Turn to Kleen Kraft Services for Your Shop Towel Provider

It’s time to take your shop to the next level. If you’re tired of maintaining an inventory of shop towels or disposable wipes, then it’s time to call us. We customize our towel and uniform rental programs based on your needs. Call 1-800-KLEEN-LA or contact us here to set up your consultation today - and ditch those disposable towels (safely), will you?