Choosing the Best Automotive Uniforms For Your Dealership

Automotive Dealership Uniform Rental Programs from Kleen Kraft Services

Stepping into an auto dealership or repair shop can be intimidating. With so much activity, how does your customer know which person is in sales, who to discuss car repairs with, and which person is just trying to leave with their own vehicle? That’s where Uniforms come in.

Consistency (or Uniformity) is Key

You can make it easy for your customers to identify your staff with branded uniforms for the whole dealership team.  While automotive repair technicians typically wear uniforms, your sales, reception, and service employees can also show-off pride for the company and make it simpler for customers to recognize them by wearing officially licensed dealership apparel.

Uniform rental programs help ensure the best impression for your customers. When everyone dresses in a similar fashion, it can help create a sense of pride for your employees, and further pushes them to embody the values and mission of your company, giving your customers the best experience.

Should You Rent or Buy Automotive Uniforms?

It’s important that you weigh your options when it comes to choosing whether you will purchase uniforms outright or utilize a uniform rental service for your business. Here is a quick comparison.

Unexpected Costs of Buying
Benefits of Renting
Large upfront expense, one-time fee Low cost for uniforms includes weekly care
Removing grease, oil, & gas is tricky We are experts at stain removal
You must repair damaged garments We handle all repairs as part of our service
Home laundry is inefficient & costly We use environmentally safe procedures
Employees may forget their uniform We deliver every week for your entire staff
You or your employees are responsible for laundry, cleaning, & repairing garments Don’t worry about laundry, we keep all your employee garments looking great!


Should You Choose a Local or National Uniform Provider

We know that you have other options available when choosing a uniform company. That’s why we work hard to build business relationships based on reliability, quality uniforms, consistent service, and complete deliveries. At Kleen Kraft, you’ll find that we take accountability seriously.

While the national “big guys” might have a more familiar name, you may find it tougher to connect with a familiar face. In a study conducted by CSC Network, participants cited responsiveness as one of their primary reasons for choosing a locally owned uniform rental company. Kleen Kraft has been servicing businesses throughout Southern California for over 65 years!

More than Just Automotive Uniforms

At Kleen Kraft, we know automotive repair shops and car dealers need more than just uniforms. You can count on us for a wide variety of towels, mats, and janitorial or facility supplies too - all delivered consistently with exceptional service! Securing these rental and replenishment programs from the same provider saves you time and money while keeping your facility clean and safe for customers and employees. You can expect delivery on a regular schedule, so you’ll never run out of the supplies that keep your dealership operating like a freshly oiled engine.

Additional rental and replenishment programs include:

  • Shop towel and microfiber towel rental programs
  • Foaming hand soap, industrial grit soap, and hand sanitizer replenishment
  • Floor mats, logo entrance mats, anti-fatigue, and anti-slip mat rentals
  • Restroom paper product replenishment

How Can We Help with Your Uniform Program?

Whether you’re ready to make a switch to a local uniform provider for your automotive facility or start a new uniform rental program, you can trust Kleen Kraft Services to guarantee great service for your business. For more information call us at 1-800-KLEEN-LA or contact us online today.