Uniforms and uniform programs for Maintenance Workers

Reducing the costs of maintenance uniform programs

Have you ever seen a maintenance worker wearing an old, messy t-shirt and jeans that look like they haven’t been washed? You know the one. What’s your impression?

Maintenance workers take care of machinery and equipment throughout your buildings and at customer sites each and every day to prevent wear and tear. But should they be expected to take care of their own workwear too? A maintenance technician is a person that others rely on for their expertise, and they need to look the part.

Now, imagine that same maintenance worker outfitted in company branded workwear.

As you can imagine, a well uniformed maintenance crew represents your company and exudes confidence in their abilities. They look the part and can take pride in their work and appearance.  Enlist a uniform rental service to outfit your staff in professional and functional garments that establish brand recognition, cleanliness, and expertise all while providing protection that maintenance workers need.

What about the cost of maintenance uniforms?

Are you currently relying on your workers to take care of their own uniform needs? If your workers are required by law to be outfitted in a certain uniform or protective gear, that could spell trouble. This simply means that you need due diligence to avoid workplace complaints or worse, legal action. Ensure that your employees’ wages effectively take into account the costs of laundering, repairing, and replacing worn uniforms. Consider the benefits of uniformed workers representing your company expertise and remember how cool your team looks sporting branded company wear. Contact Kleen Kraft for a customized solution. You might realize this is an easy way to cut maintenance uniform costs!

Making Maintenance Matter

A maintenance employee’s tasks can vary considerably from business to business, so it’s essential that their uniform meets the needs of the work being done. From machine maintenance to electrical repairs, it’s important that their uniform garments hold up. When you enlist Kleen Kraft Services to handle your maintenance uniform program, you can count on top-of-the-line workwear that employees feel comfortable wearing while also being protected. Enhanced visibility shirts and outerwear, flame & arc resistant (FR) apparel, stain resistant uniforms, and more are all available in our arsenal of uniform solutions from great brands like Red Kap, Bulwark, and more.

Maintenance Uniform Programs. Image, Convenience, and Happy Employees

Wearing a uniform is so much more than just a work outfit. Outfitting your staff in consistent, branded uniforms provides customers and other employees with another touchpoint to connect back to employees and your company. People might not always remember the billboard they saw on the 710, but chances are they’ll remember Joe Smith from XYZ Company who fixed their power outage or kept the line running. Seeing your company logo on Joe’s shirt leaves them with an even stronger perception of your company’s brand. Also, Joe will feel relieved and happy knowing there isn’t an extra load of laundry that needs washing or how he’s going to get that stain out. Let Kleen Kraft take care of the dirty work.

Our Maintenance Uniform Programs Include

Say Hello to Kleen Kraft Services, Your local uniform company

If your business lacks a proper uniform program or is tired of the lack of service from your current provider, then look no further. Kleen Kraft Services can supply your company with a uniform rental program for all of your maintenance men and women. We focus on being customer-driven, flexible, and following through on our promises. If you’ve worked with a rental company before, especially one of the national suppliers, you might have some horror stories to share, but rest assured you can leave those nightmares in the past when you move forward with Kleen Kraft Services.

Kleen Kraft Services is large enough to service your maintenance uniform needs and small enough to care about your business. Contact a service representative today to learn more, or call 1-800-KLEEN-LA.