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Specialty Workwear for Maintenance Workers

Maintenance men and women are commonly tasked with hazardous jobs. When carrying out a potentially dangerous job, it’s vital that you’re equipped with the tools you need to handle it safely. Rubber-lined gloves, steel-toed boots, lockout tags, and hard headwear come to mind when thinking of safety. But what about the clothes you wear? At Kleen Kraft, we’ve got your back.

Protect Your Employees with a Uniform Rental Service

Don’t forget about the clothes on their backs! Most maintenance workers, regardless of the industry, are required to wear specialty garments that protect them from potential hazards on the job. This is the armor they use to protect themselves! Is your crew working at dawn, dusk, or dimly lit areas repairing machinery and maintaining equipment?  Make sure they can be seen; enhanced-visibility clothing with reflective striping provides that extra level of safety. Welders and anyone working on heavy engine-powered machinery will be safer from arc flashes or electric shock if they are wearing flame-resistant garments. When you choose Kleen Kraft Services as your uniform rental company, you’ll be working with a company that understands the importance of your safety garments while ensuring that these vital garments are properly cleaned and repaired. We’re here to take that load of stress off your shoulders.

Protection, Inspection, and Restoration

When you enlist a uniform rental service to provide your protective garments, you’re ensuring that your employees are consistently outfitted to handle the job. While specialty wear uniforms are made to shine brightly wherever there’s light to reflect, and to withstand extreme conditions like high heat, chemical contact, and machine abrasions, not even the most expertly-crafted clothes last forever. We make sure that your garments are continuously working at their peak performance to keep your employees as safe as possible. If workers are required to supply their own personal protective equipment (PPE), they might not regularly replace worn-out work clothes, leaving them more susceptible to hazards. At our facility, we utilize our G-Mark Inventory Control system to keep tabs on all of the uniforms. We’ll make sure that no worn down uniforms leave your maintenance staff unprotected.

The Specifics: Enhanced Visibility and High Visibility, What’s the Difference?

Kleen Kraft offers many different options for a maintenance worker that needs enhanced visibility workwear. The term enhanced visibility references any garment, in any color that has retro-reflective striping added to it. These garments are not always related to a particular safety standard and are for employees who work in lower-risk environments where you still want added visibility for safety. Only garments certified and labeled as ANSI/ISEA 107 and ANSI/ISEA 207, or in some cases certain firefighter standards, meet standard specifications for high visibility personal protective safety apparel in the U.S. ANSI/ISEA 107 presents three performance classes of garments and identifies garment types based on expected use settings and work activities being performed. These are designated as off-road (type O), roadway and temporary traffic control (type R), or public safety activities (type P).

For workers in the oil and gas industry, those who work on the docks around forklifts and maintenance machinery, or those who work in an environment with low-light conditions, these enhanced-visibility uniform safety products are just for you.

The Specifics: Flame Resistant

If your maintenance employees are often working around electric-powered equipment or open flame, then we certainly recommend outfitting them in flame-resistant uniforms. Pants, jackets, coveralls, and lab coats are just a few of the options we carry. We work with uniform garment manufacturers like Bulwark who engineer FR clothing to be durable, comfortable, and light – yet safe from arc flashes, flames, and heat sources. No one wants to sweat more than they have to! If you’d like to control and maintain the upkeep of your flame resistant uniforms, don’t fret (or sweat)- we also happily offer these garments available for purchase, although this does remove the convenience of having the employees’ work clothes laundered and repaired for them.

Say Hello to Kleen Kraft Services. Your Partner in Specialty Uniform Garments

If your business lacks a proper uniform program or is looking to add specialty garments for your maintenance staff, then look no further. Kleen Kraft Services can supply your company with a high-quality uniform rental program for all of your employees. We focus on being customer-driven, flexible, and we follow through on our promises. Kleen Kraft Services is large enough to service your maintenance uniform needs and small enough to care about your business. Contact a service representative today to learn more, or call 1-800-KLEEN-LA.