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5 Essential Benefits a Uniform Rental Program Can Bring to a First-Time Customer

Kleen Kraft’s own Marilyn McCarty had the pleasure of attending TRSA’s Marketing & Sales Summit at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas December 12th and 13th of last year. TRSA is a national organization that strengthens and promotes the linen, uniform, and facility services industry in a number of different ways, including sharing information and best practices at events and conferences such as this one. While Marilyn spent time networking with other industry leaders and attending many informational sessions over the two-day event, the executive panel discussion stands out as the real conference highlight.

There, marketing directors from Alsco, Cintas, Aramark, and UniFirst shared their personal insights on trending industry topics. A key take-away for Kleen Kraft Services was the focus on the important benefits of a uniform rental program for the non-programmer, someone who isn’t already working with a uniform rental company.

How can a uniform rental program positively impact a new customer who has always managed their garment program independently?

Five essential benefits came out of the panel discussion:

 1. An Enhanced Image

Coordinated uniforms that are well cared for, maintained and expertly cleaned send the right message to customers. It shows your customers that you care about not only your people, but the entire experience. Clean, maintained uniforms communicate professionalism and attention to detail, and they’re something that customers take note of instantly.

 2. Brand Awareness Boost

Placing your recognizable logo brand or emblem front and center on any kind of high-quality uniform such as shirts, jackets, coveralls, and more, instills a sense of familiarity for your customer and brand awareness, no matter where your employees go. Coordinated uniforms that properly represent your business serve as an extension of your brand, creating a professional and consistent image for your customers, and staff, too.

 3. Increased Safety

A uniform rental program provider doesn’t just do the laundry. We also maintain and repair all items, taking the guesswork out of garment management. While it’s our job to make your people look polished and feel comfortable on the job every day, we also take safety to heart, and make sure anything your people wear is compliant and well cared for. This helps to prevent on-the-job accidents due to constricted, ill-fitting clothes or tears and un-mended holes. In the food-handling industry, using hygienically cleaned uniforms is another step in preventing foodborne illnesses and protecting the safety of your customers

 4. Level-Up Staff Morale

Organized uniform rental programs help staff feel cared for and valued with well-made uniforms that fit just right. With a well-stocked garment inventory and wide-array of styles for men and women, we can create a customized uniform specific to your needs. After all, quality clothing supplied and maintained by a uniform rental partner alleviates laundry stress and financial strain for your employees, helping them stay happy and comfortable on the job.

 5. Increase Environmental Sustainability

Many uniform rental providers, like Kleen Kraft Services, have implemented structured measures that promote recycling and resource conservation. For example, we use specially formulated environmentally safe detergents on all our products and recycle out-of-service garments. A surprising innovation, our heated water serves as an excellent renewable resource. We use a state of the art system to reclaim the heat from used water, which then goes on to heat incoming fresh water. We’ve done the research and employ the techniques necessary to conserve the planet and its resources for years to come.

As many of the panelists noted, when businesses are thinking about working with a uniform rental provider for the first time, it’s important to step back, listen, and shape a program to their needs. At Kleen Kraft, we are flexible and dependable, ready to partner with businesses throughout Southern California that want to take the guesswork out of their uniform maintenance and reap the many benefits that go along with a well-planned rental program.

Learn more about Kleen Kraft Services, and if you’re ready to work with a family-owned and operated uniform rental company, then contact us today.