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HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is an essential system to ensure the safety of food preparation and processing. It can help identify hazards and critical control points where vulnerabilities may be found. A HACCP program prevents cross-contamination that could create a serious problem for companies that handle, process, or serve food.

If you are a food processor or manufacturer, it’s a good idea to partner with a HACCP uniform supplier to reduce any hazards that garments could present in a food-handling environment. With the right partner, you are taking important steps to ensure your staff is wearing the correct garments that are laundered to be hygienically clean and free of bacteria, viruses, and other potential disease-producing organisms.

Here’s what to look for when choosing a HACCP Compliant Food Safety Uniform Supplier

Consistent, Complete Uniform Deliveries

The reality is that a shortage of HACCP uniforms, or any uniforms, can take a toll on your business. Make sure the uniform rental company you select is able to provide you with a steady supply of clean uniforms in the right sizes to fit your employees. You don’t want to end up in a situation where an employee cannot perform their job because a clean uniform has not been delivered.

They Understand Garment Requirements for Food-Safe Environments

HACCP uniforms are specifically designed to prevent physical objects from contaminating the food supply. HACCP uniform garments do not have outside pockets or buttons, and they often have elastic sleeves. These design elements prevent foreign objects from falling into the food being made. Kleen Kraft will work with you to specify HACCP compliant garments as part of your uniform program.

Comprehensive Cleaning Process for Food Production Uniforms

Ensuring employees have clean uniforms is the baseline. The processes for sorting, separating, washing, and transporting Food-Safe Uniform Garments is unique too. The HACCP uniform provider you choose must be able to articulate the different processes and handling they have for garments for food manufacturing clothing sanitation.

They Offer Color-Coded Uniforms, and Can Tell You Why.

It’s not that every employee gets to wear their favorite color. Color coded uniforms are a safety practice. In many food-safe environments, color-coded uniforms are necessary to differentiate employees from visitors. Color-coded uniforms can also help identify workers from different departments to avoid the risk of cross-contamination. Therefore, it’s vital to choose a HACCP uniform supplier that offers color-coded uniforms.

Performs Third-Party Testing

It’s great if a HACCP uniform supplier can say their uniforms are hygienically clean after laundering and performing internal tests. However, it’s even better if they conduct third-party testing to verify their claims. Kleen Kraft has taken this extra step; we have our garments randomly tested by an independent lab that is State of California (ELAP) and ISO 17025 accredited.

Kleen Kraft Services: The Ideal HACCP Uniform Rental Company

Kleen Kraft Services provides uniform rental services that adhere to HACCP principles. We deliver HACCP compliant uniforms to many local food processing and manufacturing companies.

We follow a detailed process to keep food safety uniforms separate from other garments and ensure sanitary handling from start to finish. These steps involve the use of the right detergent formulations, washer extractors, dryers, a high-heat steam tunnel, ATP testing, poly wrap, plastic garment wrap, and plastic lined carts. All uniforms are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized and transported in professionally cleaned trucks to minimize microbial contamination.

Each member of the Kleen Kraft services HACCP team has specific responsibilities that ensure hygienic uniform processing. For example, one team member oversees and manages the distribution of uniforms while another maintains chemical formulations for the proper cleaning and sanitizing of garments. There are also specific team members who manage the truck fleet and maintain fleet cleanliness.

As we mentioned above, Kleen Kraft Services performs random third-party testing of our food safety uniforms with an independent laboratory that offers some of the most comprehensive microbiological food testing and consulting services available. The organization is known for using innovative testing techniques and world-class facilities and equipment.

For more information on our HACCP compliant uniform programs or to get a quote,  contact us today.