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At Kleen Kraft Services, we might be a little biased when it comes to our recommendation of working with a local company for your uniform rental programs — or any products and services for that matter. After all, we've been a part of Southern California communities for nearly 70 years. Our employees live here, work here, and support the communities here.

We take our community of employees — and customers — very seriously.

In an industry where pants are pants, and uniforms can be seen as a commodity, there are still many differences in working with a local uniform rental company. First of all, you’re keeping more money in the local economy, and supporting local business owners that invest in the community that they work in. Don’t take our word for it, a recent survey showed that nearly 80% of all companies would choose a local uniform company over a national company.

At Kleen Kraft Services, our dedication to our work is about more than just the clothes that you wear to work each day. It’s about forming relationships and helping to build a stronger community.

Why Choose Us?

When you're looking for a new uniform rental company, think about working with a local company — one that can deliver uniforms, but also delivers a whole lot more. Here are just a few reasons to work with us.

We’re Family Owned

You want a company built on honesty and integrity, which is what you get with Kleen Kraft Services. Now in our fourth generation, we’re a family business that began in 1952. We’re all about integrity, honesty, and accessibility without the layers of bureaucracy and red tape that large national uniform companies often have. We keep it in the family and see all our customers as an extension of the Kleen Kraft family.

We Value Relationships

 Relationships are the most valuable part of our business and what sets us apart from the rest. To us, each customer isn’t just a number on the books — they’re someone we know, and work with every single day. Unlike many of the national chains, we believe in personalized superior customer service and regularly make time for a Kleen Kraft Service representative to stop by, check how things are going, and answer any questions or concerns that you might have.

Size Does Matter (and Bigger Isn’t Better)

Our tagline is, “Big enough to serve all your needs; small enough to care,” and we take that to heart. There’s no red tape. No corporate speak. If you have any concerns, you can stop in or call real people who are nearby and can immediately address any issues. We might not be one of the “big” guys, but we deliver big on service.

You Can Count On Us

 With a history of long-term managers, route drivers, and staff, every valued customer knows that we’re here for the duration. You get to know your Kleen Kraft Service representatives because you’re dealing with a familiar contact person that doesn’t change every few months. Reliability matters.

Local Ties

When you choose a local uniform company, our employees, managers, and owners live and work in the same place as you do, which means contacting us is a breeze. At Kleen Kraft Services, we’re able to quickly solve any problems that come up, and as a local business, we value supporting other local businesses and the local economy. Have a question? Just ask!

Accurate Deliveries

Our deliveries are complete, on time, and consistent without missing garments or items. When you work with the big guys, you run the risk of becoming part of the 40% who regularly have shortages and frequent missing garments when orders are delivered. 

With Kleen Kraft Services, all complete and accurate deliveries are verified using G-Mark, a unique barcode and scanning system that means every uniform garment we bring to our facility is tracked and traceable. Shortages are rare, and when they occur, we often resolve them within the same day with a special delivery, if necessary.

Choose Local. Choose Service. Choose Kleen Kraft

We hold ourselves accountable to providing our customers, both large and small, with the highest quality uniform rental services available. The idea of “shopping local” is important to us because we know that you have other options available when choosing a uniform company. But you can know when you choose Kleen Kraft Services that you’re getting a company that truly cares about the community in which they serve — and that values you as a customer.

To find out more about how Kleen Kraft Services can become your local uniform company, contact us today!