Stay Local with Kleen Kraft Services!

So, you need a uniform rental program for your business. You have two options: a local independently owned company or a national supplier.

How do you choose?

Is one option better than the other?

No worries; we’ve done our homework so you don’t have to!

National brands must have something going for them, or they wouldn’t have made it this far. That said, bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to uniform rental service providers and we have the data to back that up. Consumers and businesses prefer to shop local when they can.  

Our ownership and employees are from Southern California. We live here. We work here. And, we take great pride in our company and our work right here, too!

Find Satisfaction - Locally!

The CSC Network, comprised of over 175 independent industrial laundries, including us, conducted a study that confirmed it: working with local companies results in greater customer satisfaction. In fact, 78% said they would choose a local company to get the best quality service and product, and many were pleasantly surprised when their local brand completely surpassed their expectations.

When customers were asked if they would renew their contract with their independently owned launderer, 74%  answered with a resounding “Yes!”. Compare that to only 54% of customers who were using a national supplier. The numbers speak for themselves.

Customer Service From Companies That Care

It’s no secret that local companies consistently deliver a higher level of customer service than their national competitors. Local brands, like Kleen Kraft, are run by dedicated and passionate members of the community who take pride in their work, their customers, and their employees.

In the CSC Network survey, 41% of responders mentioned personalized service as a critical reason for choosing a local company who can take the time to build custom plans and orders to fit their unique needs.

57% of responders stated that local is best for fair billing practices, and a whopping 82% said they would choose local over national any day for responsiveness!

Invest In Your Local Community

Buying local doesn’t just benefit you; it’s also one of the best ways to support your community!

  • When you buy from a small business, you contribute to local job growth
  • Your dollars stay in your community (and contribute to local charities and non-profits)
  • Local businesses support other local businesses and organizations, creating a ripple effect
  • Congestion and environmental impact are reduced, as fewer deliveries come in from out of town

Small Business Does Not Mean Small Thinking

Kleen Kraft has been in the uniform rental business for nearly 70 years.  We have grown through dedication to our customers, our employees, and our community. Every year we invest in technology and solutions in our garment processing to ensure we are in front of any uniform wearer’s repair or replacement request, and always deliver garment bundles complete, and on-time.

So there you have it; local, independent uniform rental services consistently outperform national brands in every area. You are more likely to be satisfied with the service and customer care than with a national brand, and you positively impact your local community, too. Kleen Kraft is dedicated to providing the highest quality service possible and maintaining our commitment to integrity, flexibility, and genuine care for our customers. Contact us today to learn more about buying local with Kleen Kraft.