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Have you ever walked into an Auto Dealership and had no idea who to talk to or who represents the company? We certainly hope not. But it does happen.  Auto dealerships have several customer touchpoints - sales, reception, service, and lot attendants, just to name a few. Uniform programs are important for dealerships to ensure their employees are all easily recognizable with branded uniforms. It’s the uniform that lets customers know who to seek out with questions or to move forward with a sale. They also provide customers with increased confidence in your employees’ ability to assist them.

Auto dealership uniforms can have a direct impact on your dealership’s success. At Kleen Kraft Services, we offer customized, high-quality, branded uniform rental services for all your dealership’s needs. From your sales staff on the floor to automotive technicians and mechanics on the backend, we can help everyone look great and feel comfortable in uniforms that send the right message to your customers and service staff. Here are a few more reasons why choosing uniforms for your personnel is a good move.

First Impressions Matter

We all know that first impressions can make or break a customer interaction. When a customer pulls up, the first thing they should see is a smiling team member headed their way in a clean, sharp uniform that says, “We are professional, friendly, and top of the line.” Branded uniforms ensure that ideal experience is repeated with each interaction, no matter who your customers are talking to. First impressions at your auto dealership should be based on trust and expertise, and branded uniforms can help you project just that.

Increase Team Unification

A well-oiled machine relies on all parts working cohesively together. Just as sports uniforms create a sense of teamwork and belonging for the players, and even the fans, branded uniforms from Kleen Kraft galvanize your staff into a unified body, working with pride and energy. Make sure your sales team is dressed to impress, as well as your service technicians, managers, and the staff as a whole. Increased morale leads to increased productivity!

Eliminate Laundry Worries

One of the great benefits of a uniform rental program is the laundry service. Kleen Kraft will regularly pick up your company’s uniforms, professionally launder them, and return them in great condition. A uniform rental service is another stellar way to show your employees that you care, while ensuring your uniforms stay pristine.

Enjoy Immediate Repairs

At Kleen Kraft, we check and recheck all garments as they roll through our laundry facility, making sure they pass our quality inspection. If any come through that require repair or replacement, we do it on the spot, many times without a specific request from the customer.

Any tears or other damage to uniforms is identified quickly and repaired before their return, keeping them looking and feeling like new!

So, Why Choose Kleen Kraft Services for Your Auto Dealership Uniform Program?

We know that your main objective is to sell vehicles and the services that go with them. Branded uniforms can help! Arming your staff, from your sales team to your mechanics, with high-quality uniforms will create positive name-brand recognition, provide your employees with a true sense of team, and take the worry of laundry out of the equation.

Our commitment to quality products, coupled with first-rate customer service, makes our uniform service experience easy and enjoyable. Contact ustoday to hear how we can meet your dealership’s unique needs!