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Facility Service Replenishment Programs for Your Workplace


When you think of all the companies, shops, restaurants, and other businesses you’ve frequented, they all have something in common - bathrooms. While bathrooms are a dime a dozen, customers (and employees) will judge a business based on the state of its bathroom and other facilities. In fact, in a survey conducted by SCA Tissue, 50 percent of people said they would tell friends and family about a negative restroom experience and 46 percent said they would avoid going to an establishment based on a poor restroom review. If it isn’t clean and well stocked, first impressions tend to go downhill.

Every business has facilities for their customers and employees, and all facilities need to be kept clean and stocked. This is incredibly important but time-consuming work! Why not let Kleen Kraft take that off your to-do list? We have a comprehensive facilities replenishment program to ensure your supplies are fresh and fully stocked. Here are a few reasons why now is the ideal time to take advantage of a replenishment program today.

Effortless Supply Stocking

Have you ever been in a bathroom and realized too late that the toilet paper roll is *gasp* empty? UGH. We’ve all been there, and it’s up near the top of the list of unpleasant experiences.

Don’t let your employees or customers have the same experience. Kleen Kraft comes by weekly with a fresh supply of toilet paper, sanitizer, paper towels, soap, mop heads, and more! We will make sure that you won’t run out in between visits. Not only that, but we’ll bring freshly laundered mats and towels to keep your workplace looking squeaky-clean.

Keep A Clean And Tidy Appearance

The truth is that appearance is everything. If your facility is dirty or unkempt, your staff and even your customers could easily think that you don’t care about them, or don’t take pride in your business. Thankfully, Kleen Kraft has a few solutions to keep even the highest traffic areas looking spotless:

  1. Mats– Outdoor debris, leaves, and dirt can easily get tracked into your establishment, creating a grimy and messy appearance. Not only that but this debris also creates a slipping safety hazard! Mats are the answer to your problem here. Kleen Kraft has several different varieties to suit your unique needs, and we launder them weekly to keep them looking great and keep dirt off your floors. Take that professional appearance one step further by having your business logo printed on them!
  2. Odor Control- Stinky bathrooms can always benefit from air freshener, but other areas of your business could use the same treatment! Lobbies, entrances, and break rooms are all great locations for timed-release, fresh scents.
  3. Mops and Towels - Inevitably, your floors will get dirty and your countertops will need to be wiped down. Kleen Kraft has the right supplies for you! We’ll deliver clean mop heads and towels each week and take the dirty ones with us for laundering.

Keep The Flu At Bay

That’s right, it’s that time of year again. Winter is here and the cold and flu bugs are running rampant. In fact, since 2010 an estimated9 to 35 million cases of the flu have been reported to the CDC!

Never fear, you can drastically reduce the chance of spreading superbugs in the breakroom. You can decrease the number of employee illnesses by as much as 20% just by adding hand sanitizer! This one simple addition can result in healthier, happier, and more productive employees. What’s not to love about that?

Your Time Is Valuable

When you are focusing on running your business, managing employees, and strategizing for the future, the last thing you want to do is pull yourself away to change out toilet paper rolls. And you don’t have to!

With a scheduled weekly delivery of your facility hygiene supplies, you won’t need to take time out of your day to check stock on paper towels or make sure the soap dispensers don’t run out. Kleen Kraft knows how valuable your time is, which is why we refill all your supplies for you as part of our replenishment program.

Let’s face it, a replenishment service just makes good sense. With a single visit from Kleen Kraft each week you can keep your facility clean and tidy, boost morale, keep your employees healthier, and save time and energy for more critical responsibilities. Here at Kleen Kraft, we want our customers to look and feel great while receiving high-touch, high-quality care for an unbeatable value. Give us a call today to see how Kleen Kraft facility and replenishment services can help your business!