Shop Uniforms

The automotive repair industry can be a dirty business. Your team is dealing with oil, grease, and grime on a daily basis. Not only do you have to consider maintaining a brand image, but you also need to ensure your employees are equipped with durable, safe, and comfortable garments that they can spend all day wearing. 

And, it’s not just uniforms that are needed to get your mechanics ready for the job - from shop towels to cleaning supplies, there’s a lot that goes into an adequately stocked repair shop. If you’re having trouble finding a dependable uniform and facility services rental company, we have good news for you - your search is over!

Kleen Kraft Services is your one-stop shop for shop uniforms–from mechanics and auto technicians to professional repairmen and women, we have uniforms that keep your hard-working employees comfortable all day long, while looking fresh and professional!  

There’s Something For Everyone! 

Kleen Kraft has a long-standing history of supplying workwear to businesses throughout Southern California - over 70 years, in fact - so you can trust we know a thing or two about how to outfit your crew! Uniforms help every employee stand together as a unified team. However, there are important considerations when it comes to shop uniforms, as improper uniforms and garments can not only be uncomfortable, and even dangerous.

At Kleen Kraft, all of our mechanic and shop uniforms are designed to be everything you need to be comfortable, professional, and safe. This includes:

    • Good Fabrics - our uniforms are made with wrinkle-free and stain-resistant fabrics to keep your mechanics and technicians looking sharp all day long, including some made with OilBlok technology and stretch-fit Mimix. Select classic navy or charcoal basics, or choose from a variety of colors to reflect your company image. 
    • Good Variety - besides offering classic coveralls, we also have long and short-sleeve work shirts, tech shirts, work pants, and shop coats available. So no matter what style fits your business, we’ve got you covered.
    • Good Fit - before we install our program, one of our trained service professionals will personally measure each of your workers to ensure a proper fit of shirts, pants, and other garments. This provides comfort and safety benefits. A well-fitted uniform can help workers avoid catching loose clothing on equipment, tripping over too-long pants, or feeling constrained by too-tight apparel. 
    • Good Branding - Your brand should be promoted on your uniforms to build your company name and give your customers a feeling of confidence in your services. When your employees wear your logo on their uniform, they feel like they belong–it gives a boost to morale and work ethic! - We can customize all uniforms with your company's logo to create a unified image for your business and make your shop employees feel like they truly belong.

Offering high-quality garments for your mechanics and technicians is just the start of your uniform program. We take at-home laundry out of the equation by cleaning and sanitizing your dirty garments for your employees. We also inspect your uniforms regularly and handle basic handle repairs, to keep your uniforms looking (and feeling) like new. 

Worried about delivery? We hear you–a big issue for customers with national uniform providers is missing, late, or incomplete uniform deliveries! However, Kleen Kraft’s dependable deliveries take the guesswork out of uniform rental management. 

That Kleen Feeling 

Since we’ve been around for a while, we know that proper uniforms are only half the battle when it comes to keeping repair shops running smoothly. That’s why we offer facility service products that will keep your buildings clean and safe. Our products include:

When you sign up for a managed facility service program at Kleen Kraft, that’s exactly what you get - full inventory management so you never have too much or too little of everything you need to keep your repair shop humming and employees happy.

Provide your team with quality apparel they feel good about wearing and products they feel good about using. They’ll feel the difference in our uniforms, and you’ll see it in their work ethic! Keep everyone in your workforce looking sharp, contact Kleen Kraft today!