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Different Industries, Same Solution: Kleen Kraft Services

Kleen Kraft Services has been family owned and operated since 1952–providing Southern California with high-quality service and an old-fashioned, honest, work ethic. Our family-first attitude is what sets us apart from the rest, and our customers feel that difference in their uniforms and in the service, they receive week after week.

At Kleen Kraft, we make sure everyone gets the perfect fit. We’ve been around for over 70 years, so we know that there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” uniform program for every person, every business, or every industry. When your business has special safety requirements or sanitization needs, it can be a pain to have to constantly ensure your employee's uniforms are up to those standards. That’s where we come in.

When you work with Kleen Kraft, you work with a company that is knowledgeable about the unique requirements and needs of the many industries in Southern California. One thing always remains the same: our top-notch, quality service.

Kleen Kraft: Keeping Your Team Covered

Kleen Kraft offers a great range of uniform programs that are customized to suit your business needs.

Whether your staff is working in customer-facing roles, an industrial warehouse, or a food processing plant, our uniform rental program will help keep your team protected, looking good, and feeling confident when working!


From those on your sales team to mechanics and technicians, we have something for every automotive worker. We know that in the automotive industry, it’s essential to have garments that represent your brand while remaining comfortable, durable, flexible, and stain resistant.


Manufacturing employees need appropriately fitted and durable clothing to keep them safe from machinery and materials when on the job. This might require specialty fabrics like 100% cotton, flame-resistant materials, or enhanced visibility clothing. We’ve got you covered!

Our uniforms work as hard as your employees do. However, wear and tear is often unavoidable–which is why we repair or replace garments that show signs of wear for you.


In this industry, lab coats and other garments create a professional appearance for your staff while helping to maintain sterility and hygienic conditions.

Our bioscience workwear comes in a variety of styles so you can rest assured that your team and the products they are handling are protected on the job.

Food Processing

Without the proper uniforms and sanitary laundering processes, your employees can easily contaminate food with dangerous bacteria, pathogens, and even a stray button!

Kleen Kraft works with many clients in the food processing industry. so why not go with someone you can trust? We have a dedicated HACCP program and have been certified for hygienically clean practices for laundering food processing garments by TRSA. 

Chemical and Energy

When dealing with chemicals and hazardous materials, your team needs garments that keep them both safe and comfortable.

Our uniform programs are customizable to fit your needs; whether it’s heavier, durable coveralls or FR garments, we have something to offer suitable protection for the wearer.

Warehouse and Transportation

With warehouse employees on-call 24 hours a day on work sites that have trucks, forklifts, and other moving machinery, it’s crucial to invest in workers’ uniforms. Our uniform programs include enhanced-visibility workwear, which can help each worker be seen even in dark or dimly lit areas.

Make sure your workers are covered, whether they’re loading trucks, packaging products, or completing deliveries.

Trade Services

Your employees are the face of your business, regardless of the trade. By outfitting your team in uniforms embellished with your company’s logo and colors, they’re able to promote your brand effectively and professionally.

Of course, your customers will also gain a sense of confidence when they see a professionally uniformed worker approaching their home or business.

We Strive To Serve You

No matter your industry, utilizing a uniform rental program saves you and your team time, effort, and money. To start with, you’ll eliminate the significant initial costs associated with outfitting all your employees with daily workwear. You’ll also save money and time on processing laundry; whether the employee’s or the company's money and time, everyone’s happier with Kleen Kraft doing the laundry.

When you implement a uniform program, your company will see an increase in morale and, productivity as all your staff feels they are part of a team. Make Kleen Kraft your provider, and you’ll enjoy the personalized service difference.

With a customer-centric mentality, we get the job done right for our customers each and every time. No matter your industry, we make it our business to get you and your team exactly what they need to get the job done while staying safe. 

Feel the Kleen Kraft difference with our uniform rental programs. Contact us today!