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If your employees work during the night, in dimly lit or dark spaces, or in any areas with reduced visibility, then choosing the right garments is an important part of helping to keep your team safe. Outfit them with the proper safety uniforms and garments, including enhanced visibility.

At Kleen Kraft Services, safety for our customers and their employees is a top priority. A family-owned and operated business since 1952, we stand behind our service and rental products, consistently providing a difference that our clients can see and feel.

The Need for Enhanced Visibility Garments

Just like other specialty uniform garments, safety garments also come in different types and classifications. Enhanced visibility garments are an excellent option for many work environments that do not require ANSI-compliant high visibility safety apparel but where visibility is still important for safety. These uniform garments are outfitted with retro-reflective tape, in any layout and are not held to the ANSI standard.

Kleen Kraft Services offers numerous uniforms and garments for multiple industries, including enhanced visibility garments. What exactly is enhanced visibility? Garments are considered “enhanced visibility” when they contain retro-reflective tape, normally found on the chest and sleeve area. Enhanced visibility clothing can be any color, including blue, gray, tan, etc.

The brightly colored reflective tape on the clothing is ideal for employees who work in lower-risk areas but still want that added visibility. For example, warehouse workers typically wear enhanced visibility shirts so they can be seen by forklift operators. Your truck drivers benefit from wearing enhanced visibility shirts so they can be seen more easily when not in their trucks. Other suggestions are low-traffic areas, including parking lots, special events, warehouses, shipping docks, or areas closed to public traffic.

Worker safety often requires more than enhanced visibility garments. For those who work with or near flammable chemicals, strong electric currents, etc., we also supply flame-resistant (FR) uniforms and apparel to keep them safe.

Types of Enhanced Visibility Apparel

Some of the most common types of enhanced visibility garments that you’ll see used in the workplace include:

Enhanced Visibility Vests: Vests, usually sleeveless, offer a wide range of benefits; they’re budget-friendly, easy to take on and off, and comfortable to wear.

Enhanced Visibility Jackets: An enhanced visibility jacket uses reflective striping and color differentiation to keep workers visible even in colder weather when insulated clothing is necessary.

Enhanced Visibility T-Shirts: For warmer work environments, an enhanced visibility t-shirt is an ideal solution. Created from advanced moisture-wicking polyester fabrics, these t-shirts provide enhanced visibility color options and professional-grade comfort for tough jobs.

Enhanced Visibility Industrial Work Shirt: Two-piece collar and permanent stays for a professional look. Button-down with pencil stall on left pocket. Reflective trim helps keep you safer on the job.

No Time for Laundry? No Problem.

As an employer, multitasking is part of the job. But, handling the ever-changing safety standards, laundry, and repair of your team’s enhanced visibility garments doesn’t have to fall to you. Included in your rental program is laundry and maintenance of your uniforms, guaranteeing your team will always look and feel their best. With regular inspections of each garment, your team won’t even need to ask for repairs - we’ll catch it first. Plus, with our G-Mark garment tracking technology, you will never receive a late or incomplete delivery again.

Kleen Kraft proudly offers Red Kap garments. Since 1923, Red Kap has designed workwear with comfort and durability for construction, maintenance, waste management, transportation, and all other hard-working trades. Engineered with Touchtex Technology for breathable comfort, strong colors, and stain resistance that keeps garments looking good wash after wash.

More Than Safety, Enhanced Vis and Identification

Not only do enhanced visibility garments work to provide crucial protection for employees, but they can also be used for identification as well. With different color garments, employees can be divided into teams or set apart in various tasks. The distinction can also set your company apart from others within a job site or location.

What are you waiting for? Learn more about our enhanced visibility products and services from a company that cares about your success and safety.

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