Towel Rental

It’s important to keep your workspace tidy. Having clean towels on hand plays a huge part in workplace cleanliness and productivity. 

Are you still using disposable towels? Isn’t it frustrating when you use up the last few pieces of paper towel and realize that it was your last roll? Towel rental programs from Kleen Kraft Services will eliminate that problem for good! 

We’ll provide your business with clean towels on a regular basis, so you’ll never need to worry about upkeep. We take care of towel washing and replacement so you don’t have to! 

A Sustainable Choice

When you choose to go with our towel rental program, you’re not just keeping your business clean, you’re keeping the environment clean, too!

When considering the true cost of paper towel production, such as water waste, deforestation, habitat loss, and higher greenhouse gas emissions, the solution is simple: switch to a fully-managed towel rental program. 

At Kleen Kraft, we pride ourselves on doing our part in being green for a happier and healthier planet. Don’t be a part of the statistics. Make the change to reusable towels, and start with our towel rental program! 

With Kleen Kraft’s laundry and towel replacement promise, reusable towels won’t even be a concern, so you can keep running your business a priority! 

Let us take care of the washing. It’s what we do!

Trust Us, Towels Are Our Thing 

Kleen Kraft Services offers a variety of high-quality towels with a flexible rental program suited to your specific needs. Our towel options  include:

Shop Towels: Durable and perfect for automotive cleanup as well as machine shop dirt and grime.

Microfiber Towels: Soft to the touch and ultra-absorbent. They pick up more bacteria than cotton towels over the same surface area! Great for food processing facilities, breakroom kitchens, and pharmaceutical manufacturing plants. 

Turk Towels: A basic terrycloth towel. With every wash, these cotton towels become softer, fluffier, and more absorbent. What could be better than that?!

Bar Mop Towels: Similar to a Turk towel, bar mops are a more manageable size for wiping up spills or doing general cleanup wherever that’s needed. 

Bath Towels: Yes, we have these too! The ideal solution if your business or school has an onsite gym, pool, or shower facility. 

Diapers: Not exactly a towel, but these are in the same family of products. Perfect for polishing chrome and auto body surfaces when you are servicing a customer's vehicle. 

Keep your business clean with Kleen Kraft Services towel rental program! No more laundry duties and scrambling to wipe up a spill when you run out of those wasteful paper towels. 

Make the switch to a cleaner, simpler, and more sustainable way to keep your business running. Get started and contact Kleen Kraft Services today!