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What National Food Safety Education Month Means to Us

September is National Food Safety Education Month and at Kleen Kraft, we know the importance of ensuring the safety of the food supply in every aspect of food manufacturing. 

When shoppers visit their local grocery store to feed their families, they trust that the company that processed, packaged, and distributed their food has followed all necessary regulations to avoid contamination. 

Breaking that trust can have dire consequences. According to the FDA, every year, an estimated 1 in 6 people in the United States (or 48 million people) get sick, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die from eating contaminated food. Let’s work together to prevent some of the sources of contamination in your food processing plant.

Avoiding Cross-Contamination: The Kleen Kraft Way

Our food safety uniform program meets or exceeds FDA and USDA standards. We help food processors stay HACCP compliant by preventing cross-contamination and taking work contaminants out of the equation. 

This starts with the selection of the right garments for the food-processing line workers: 

  1. The right fabrics improve durability through the washing and sterilization processes.
  2. Garments with snaps instead of buttons that could pop off into the workspace.
  3. Coats and shirts without upper pockets that could allow a pen or tissue to fall onto the food handling area. 
  4. Uniforms designed with comfort and ease of use in mind for your worker’s safety.
  5. Options for color-coding to easily identify department or process areas.
  6. A certified cleaning system that removes sources of contamination from the start.

    Our Proven Laundry Process

    You don’t have to take our word for itour facilities received the Hygienically Clean Certification in Food Safety from the Textile Rental Service Association (TRSA). There is a right way to launder textiles involved in food processing and manufacturing. For Kleen Kraft’s laundry process, we consistently implement:

    1. Inspection and removal of foreign objects such as pens, jewelry, hairpins, paper, etc. that could fall into the prep area and contaminate the food.
    2. Washing formulas engineered to produce hygienically clean garments that are free from fungus, bacteria, viruses, and other microbial contamination.
    3. An appropriate water temperature during the wash cycle, which is essential to kill any microorganisms on the garment. 
    4. High-temperature drying processes that destroy organic contaminants. 
    5. ATP microbial testing to confirm cleanliness in the finished garments.
    6. Sanitized delivery carts washed daily in our custom high-temp cart-washing system. 
    7. Sanitized delivery trucks sprayed with alcohol sanitizer and treated with UV-Max system.
    8. Wrapping and careful handling of garments in the delivery process, straight to your door.

    Because of our state’s rich agriculture and vast farmlands, California is home to more food manufacturing companies than anywhere else in the United States. With our many customers in the food processing industry, we understand the impact that a soiled uniform can have on the food someone puts on their family's table. But it’s much more than appearance! We’re providing Hygienically Clean garments to you for the utmost in uniform safety.

    Choose Local for Food Safety Today

    During this year’s Food Safety Education month, it’s time to focus on certifying that your employees are wearing safe, sterile, and comfortable uniforms.

    As a family-owned, local business, Kleen Kraft has remained dedicated to providing safe, clean, and quality service to our greater community for 70 years. We always strive to provide precisely the right uniform for everyone in your companyfrom your production workers handling food to the lab technicians and sales representatives. 

    Is your current uniform provider up for the task? We know we are! 

    Ready to improve your business’ food safety standards? Start with your uniforms—contact us here to get started!