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Getting Down to BUsiness

As a business owner, you are always looking for ways to save money wherever you can. With prices rising, that is more important than ever. Being stuck with piles of dirty and worn-out uniforms is expensive. And paying employees to repair and clean uniforms every week takes away from your bottom-line.

Kleen Kraft is your local reliable uniform rental company, with long-term employees, on-time pickup & delivery, and guaranteed repairs. We have been serving Los Angeles and the surrounding area for 70 years! Our top priority is and always will be our customers. We will always go out of our way to give you the best experience when it comes to your uniform and facility service needs - that includes saving you money!

Get Your Money's Worth

Are you ready to stop worrying about uniforms? Kleen Kraft is dedicated to being the Accountable Uniform Company. You can count on us to handle everything for your uniform rental services and eliminate your worries. With our unique in-line repair system, we remove the possibility of uniforms getting lost in a separate repair area, like the ones used by other providers. At Kleen Kraft, uniform sets for each worker stay together throughout the laundering process; every garment is washed, dried, sorted, repaired (if needed), reconciled, bundled, and delivered as one set. 

Tired of missing garments or late deliveries? Our G-Mark inventory control system allows for scanned garment tracking with a full history of garment processing. Missing uniforms leads to unhappy employees, unhappy managers, and the potential risk of shutting down when employees don’t have clean uniforms on-hand. We deliver on-time and complete.

Another way we make it easier on you? We handle the laundry! What else does a Kleen Kraft uniform rental program do for you? 

  1. No More Laundry Day! 
    - With Kleen Kraft, your employees never have to do laundry for work again. We  pick up all your uniforms, towels, mats, and other rental items, then bring them back in pristine condition.
  2. You Don’t Have To Purchase A Washing Machine
    - Washing machines and dryers are a big upfront purchase, and they need regular maintenance and repairs. As your company grows, you may need to invest in more machinery for this job. Just avoid the purchase and choose Kleen Kraft.
  3. Don’t worry about hiring new employees to do laundry
    - If your company is washing garments or towels on-site, then you'll need employees to do that task, taking away from the actual product or service you provide your customers.
  4. Buying uniforms is an unnecessary expense, not an investment
    - If you purchase uniforms for each of your current employees, you’ll need to make sure they have enough to wear daily while some are in the wash. That’s a lot of uniforms! And it can add up to a huge bill. Not to mention, what happens when someone leaves? The new hire will most likely not be the same size as the previous one. With a uniform rental program, you pay only for the uniforms you need for the employees you have. 

    Only Have WHat you need

    When you choose Kleen Kraft, we provide you with exactly what you need. You won’t be overstocked with mismatched garments and products you can’t even use. Your employees may need a size change or complete uniform replacement down the road. If you buy your uniforms in bulk up front, you just have to take the financial hit - but not if you choose Kleen Kraft. We provide you with exactly what you need with a flexible plan for all the changes your business goes through. 

    Ready to make the switch to a worry-free provider? Contact us here to get started!