4 reasons to love your uniform rental company

4 Reasons To Love Your Uniform Rental Company This Valentine's Day

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, there’s lots of love in the air. But can you say you love your uniform rental company? We know love is a pretty strong word. Still, when it comes to our uniform services, our customers are our number one priority. It’s our goal to make sure you feel that love through exceptional, personable service you can count on.

Here are just a few ways Kleen Kraft could be showing you how much we care.

  1. We deliver your employee’s uniforms complete and on time.

One of the biggest complaints we hear about the “other guys” is that employees are missing one or more of their garments. Our G-Mark process ensures that we are accountable for each garment coming in and going out – together.

  1. We’re There For You

Reliability and consistency are important when it comes to your production, and it should be equally important from your vendors and suppliers. Our team is committed to developing a great working relationship with you – and you’re likely to see the same rep for a long time. Relationships matter. Knowing you have a uniform supplier you can count on for quality, deliverability, service and selection can make managing your uniform program easier.

  1. We Inspect and Repair Items, Keeping You Looking Good

Timely repairs and replacements show your uniform provider is paying attention to what you need when you need it. We work hard to inspect garments and make repairs before they’re even reported to us. You also have options to request repairs or replacements with our service tags. We promise that if you request a repair, we’ll get it done before your next delivery.

  1. We Keep You Safe and in Compliance

Your uniform provider and garments play an important role in keeping your employees safe on the job or in compliance with your industry. Providing proper visibility through enhanced or hi-vis garments, FR garments to keep maintenance or electrical workers safe, and HACCP compliant uniforms for food processing facilities are all part of the uniform relationship we manage for our customers. When it comes to specialty garments and specific laundering processes, you can count on Kleen Kraft to do our part.

Breaking up is hard to do. But, if you’re not feeling the love from your uniform provider it might be time to consider making the switch to The Accountable Uniform Company, Kleen Kraft Services. Learn more about our uniform rental programs and our company here, or reach out today to set up that first meeting.