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Benefits of FR Clothing for Your Team

Kleen Kraft offers a wide variety of FRC options for all categories and industries. From FR work shirts and pants to FR coveralls and outerwear, we have the perfect uniform options to keep your employees safe on the job.

What Is FR Clothing And Who Wears It?

FRC stands for Flame Resistant Clothing. People who work in hazardous environments, like electricians, linemen, welders, chemical plant workers, and those in the oil and gas industry, are more susceptible to flash fires, flares, and embers on the job. For these workers, using flame-resistant garments is essential to their safety, and often an OSHA requirement. The materials FR garments are made from may be naturally resistant or like the garments we offer, they are chemically treated to provide safety from flames. Flame resistant clothing is comfortable enough for all-day wear and should not be confused with Fireproof clothing like the heavy coats worn by firefighters who expect extended direct exposure to flames.

Key Benefits of FR Uniform Garments

  • Reduce the risk of burns. FR garments offer protection from fire and burn hazards.
  • Different protection levels based on uniform wearers' potential risk.
  • Comfortable garments in breathable fabrics are available, ensuring workers are able to move and work with ease.
  • Improve productivity. When employees feel safe on the job, proud of their work, and comfortable in their uniforms, they’re more likely to be productive.

The bottom line benefit to your employees is making sure you have their back (and their body) covered with the proper work attire and safety garments the need.

Different Levels of FR Protection

Before selecting FRC for your company there are a few more things you should take into consideration. FR garments are rated for Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV), which is a value measured in calories per square centimeter that represents the maximum performance capability for arc-flash protection of a particular garment or fabric.  Your needs can be determined by the frequency and intensity of potential fires. Your level of FRC is usually chosen based on a Flash Hazard Analysis, an evaluation of your industry’s hazard risk category while performing a specific job.

Taking Care of Your FR Uniform Requirements

Like all uniforms Kleen Kraft Services offers, we take pride in keeping your employees looking and feeling good while keeping them safe. By joining our FR uniform rental program you can make sure your employee’s uniforms are washed with the proper detergents, allowing the special fabrics to continue to do their job.

Whether a few specific employees of yours need FR garments, or you have an entire crew of hard workers that need proper uniforms and workwear, you have a variety of options when working with us. Get more information about our FR uniform garments available for uniform rental programs or purchase – contact us today.