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Women's History Month: Why Women's Workwear Matters

Since the start of the 20th century, and as a result of World War I, women began entering the workforce in ever-increasing numbers. Uniforms played a part in helping women be accepted in fields that have been traditionally male-dominated, like machine shops, industrial manufacturing, and automotive repair. In 2019, women made up 47% of the total labor force according to studies done by Catalyst. Yet despite women now making up close to half of the workforce, finding uniforms designed specifically to fit women can sometimes still be challenging. That’s where Kleen Kraft Services can help!

Why workwear for women matters

Uniforms serve multiple purposes for your business and your employees. Uniforms can help build a sense of community and teamwork in the workplace, as well as identifying your business to customers. Well-fitting uniforms can enhance comfort on the job. However, properly fitting uniforms are also one way that facilities can keep their employees safe on the job, especially in industries like manufacturing, food-processing, and mechanic shops where safety is a top priority.

So, when it comes to uniforms, one size does not fit all. Having your women workers wear improperly fitting garments that are too big or long because they were originally made for men poses a huge risk to worker safety.

A proud provider of women's uniforms

Kleen Kraft is proud to be able to offer a wide selection of women’s uniform garments to the SoCal area. We understand the importance of having uniforms that not only look good but make every employee feel good too. From pants and overalls to work shirts, polos, and outerwear, we have garments that will fit the needs of your industry while ensuring that they are tailored perfectly to fit each employee.

Check out our catalog to see women’s workwear that we offer or contact us to learn more about our uniform rental programs!