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Why Commercial Laundering is Safer Than Home Laundering

You want your employees to always look and feel their best, because not only does that affect their work performance but it is a direct reflection of your business. However, in-house laundry can be expensive, while having workers do their own laundry can result in unhygienic uniforms. Commercial laundering provided by uniform rental companies like Kleen Kraft is one of the most effective ways to ensure that every garment in your facility is cleaned to the highest standards.

High-Tech, industrial equipment

Kleen Kraft’s laundering plant uses industrial-scale machinery that has the capability to handle larger and heavier bulk loads of all of your worker’s garments, as well as your facility’s towels and mats. Commercial laundering equipment is specifically designed to be able to remove even the toughest stains left by oil and grease through advanced features like special temperature and chemical control settings that you won’t find on any home washing machine.

Commercial laundering ensures cleanliness

When comparing commercial to home laundering, the most important factor to consider is cleanliness. Kleen Kraft’s commercial laundering process uses a multi-step wash procedure and high-temperature steam tunnel to guarantee that your garments are cleaned to the highest industry standards; our plant has been certified to verify that your uniforms will be delivered hygienically clean every time. Kleen Kraft uses specially formulated detergents and the best management practices in the industry to ensure cleanliness, prevent cross-contamination, and preserve fabric life.

Also, before any garment is placed in a vehicle, our delivery carts are sanitized using our Sanitizing Cart Washer, lined with plastic, and sealed to ensure that our route representatives deliver high-quality, clean uniforms every week.

Repairs & replacements whenever you need

Another benefit that comes with using Kleen Kraft for your commercial laundering needs is that you are guaranteed to have uniforms that are in great condition every week. Every garment that enters our facility is inspected for damage. We make all the necessary repairs and replacements needed while making sure your inventory is complete using our G-Mark System.

If you’re ready to take laundry out of the day-to-day operations of your business, leave it to Kleen Kraft Services! Contact us to learn more about our uniform rental and facility maintenance programs.