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Go Green with a Uniform Rental Program

As a leading uniform provider in the Southern California Area since 1952, we know that it’s our job to do our part in creating an environmentally safe planet, and it has been a part of the way we do business for generations.

Kleen Kraft’s Sustainability Initiatives

Our goal is to reduce our global footprint by operating our facilities in an environmentally friendly way, today, and every day, for generations to come. That’s why Kleen Kraft has put measures into place to ensure we are practicing sustainability throughout our operations, promoting the conservation of water and energy to reduce our environmental impact.

Here are just a few of Kleen Kraft’s sustainability initiatives:

  • Recycle out-of-service garments for secondary use
  • Recycle wire hangers that are used to deliver and store clean garments
  • Use specially formulated, environmentally safe, and biodegradable detergents in our laundering process
  • Our automated systems ensure that the mix and quantity of our detergents used per load are precise, based on size and soil type
  • Our state-of-the-art TEA System (Thermal Engineering of America) reclaims the heat from used water to heat the incoming water
  • Upgraded all of our facility lighting to LED bulbs to increase energy efficiency
  • Recycle all cardboard boxes received with our garment and towel shipments, as well as office paper shipments; approximately 4-6 cubic yards per week
  • Recycle all discarded paper forms; approximately one 40-gallon container per week

And, through technical innovation, we are continuously improving our sustainability practices. Always implementing new ways to improve our efficiency and eco-friendliness, we are dedicated to surpassing the expectations of our customers to reach new levels of service, quality, and reliability.

Go Green with Kleen Kraft’s Uniform Rental Programs

Not only is our team at Kleen Kraft Services dedicated to environmental stewardship and operating sustainably, but you can do your part too by implementing one of our customized uniform rental programs into your business! A uniform rental program through Kleen Kraft means less laundry being done at home. Commercial equipment for laundering in the Kleen Kraft plant is far more efficient than home machines, using fewer chemicals while saving water, electricity, and gas energy, allowing your employees to be outfitted in well-fitting, high-quality garments that are laundered in an environmentally friendly way. A win for both you and the environment!

So, as we approach Earth Day 2021, contact our representatives to get started and go green with a uniform rental program!