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Safety First! The Benefits of Enhanced Visibility Workwear

June is National Safety Month, providing employers and managers with the opportunity to identify hazards in the workplace and improve safety standards. One simple way to protect your team members is with enhanced visibility uniforms.

With bright colors and reflective striping, enhanced visibility garments help increase the wearer’s safety in low-light environments, especially around moving vehicles. If your employees operate heavy equipment and machinery, work in a warehouse where forklifts are loading materials, or spend their shift on dock areas around trucks, then enhanced visibility uniforms are a great choice to keep them safe on the job.

The Benefits of Enhanced visibility workwear

You and your employees gain several advantages with access to proper enhanced visibility workwear. Here are just some of the benefits.

Promotes a Safe Work Environment

Providing safe working conditions for your crew is always a top priority and an employee who feels safe doing their work will experience higher job satisfaction. When workers are easier to see, it reduces the likelihood of injuries due to on-the-job accidents. Through the use of specifically designated bright colors, combined with light-reflective strips, enhanced visibility uniforms create a high contrast that helps to distinguish the worker’s body from their surroundings. This is especially important where visibility is reduced such as low-light docks, during inclement weather, or at night.

Promotes Teamwork and Security

In general, employees who wear uniforms feel more connected to their workplace and team. Providing enhanced visibility workwear can increase employee feelings of safety and belonging, which can lead to improved worker morale and higher productivity. It also helps to identify authorized personnel who are allowed onsite, increasing workplace security.

Stay Visible and Safe with Enhanced Visibility Workwear from Kleen Kraft!

The high-performance enhanced visibility safety garments we offer are designed to be comfortable, as well as functional. We’ll help you create a customized uniform program for your organization where extra visibility will improve worker safety. Choose from a selection of garments including shirts, pants, vests, jackets, rain gear, coveralls, and headwear. Together, we can find the program that fits your safety needs and budget.

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