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Switching Uniform Companies Should Never Be a Hassle

A uniform is so much more than just the clothes your employees wear; uniforms provide a sense of unity and togetherness in the workplace, eliminate coworker’s bias based on appearances, and can keep people safe on the job. So when you get frustrated with your national uniform supplier due to lack of communication, unrepaired uniforms in your delivery, or worse, a missing garment, you might consider switching uniform companies.

While you realize you want better service, you might be worried about the switching process being more trouble than it’s worth - we get it. That’s why we make switching uniform providers to Kleen Kraft Services a snap.

Skip the Hassle

A top concern for nearly every business we talked to about switching between uniform suppliers is that it seems like a difficult, time-consuming process. At Kleen Kraft Services, this assumption is laid to rest. Our Route Service Supervisors and Route Representatives sit down with you and uncover issues with your previous supplier to learn how we can be better. Keeping a checklist of needs and questions, we’re always on top of our game when you need it most. Not to mention we’re easy to get in touch with and we won’t leave you in the lurch with an automated, robotic response that doesn’t even answer your question.

Keep Employees Outfitted, Keep Employees Happy

We understand that your business doesn’t have the time to slow down productivity to switch uniform suppliers. That’s why we make sure to get uniforms ready quickly for new customers. Kleen Kraft has an efficient process to ensure all of your employees are fitted and their uniform package is delivered complete and ready to go within 14 days after you sign up with us. With our prep and planning, your transition will be seamless and simple. You will not have to wait for weeks on end to receive your quality uniforms to protect and outfit your employees. And you won’t be lost in the shuffle as sometimes happens with those national suppliers.Uniform delays are frustrating, not only for the business, but also for the employees who power it. Switching to a uniform supplier that quickly repairs or replaces damaged garments, doesn’t misplace your pants, and keeps employees from having to take work clothes home to wash? That ought to help keep a smile on their faces.

G-Mark Certified equals 100% Customer Satisfaction

Kleen Kraft Services prioritizes accountable service above all else. So much so, in fact, that we offer our G-Mark inventory system to all of our customers. This system electronically tracks inventory as well as the age and history of all your garments. Our unique in-line repair system keeps garment sets grouped together while making any needed repairs. So when we say your order is G-Mark Certified, it means your order is complete in its entirety. Our G-Mark system is just one of the many reasons making the switch to Kleen Kraft relieves stress instead of adding on more. 

Switch to the Accountable Uniform Provider

We’re the people who actually do the things we say we’re going to do. Does the opposite sound all too familiar with your previous uniform company? Don’t just take our word for it - hear from some of our current customers. We’re focused on providing exceptional uniform rental programs with prompt service throughout Southern California.

Ready to make a smooth transition to a uniform company that delivers (complete and on time)? Contact Kleen Kraft Services today, and we’ll show you how working with us is a snap.