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National Small Business Week at Kleen Kraft Services

We’ve supported businesses of all sizes throughout Southern California with high quality uniform programs, rental garments, and facility service products to help them run more efficiently. As a small business ourselves, and the only remaining independent uniform company in the region, we are committed to providing fellow small business owners with uniform rental services they can count on. 

The Benefits of Working With a Small Business

There are many perks when you choose to work with a small business. Not only do they support their local communities’ economies, but they also benefit our country’s economy as well. 

From businesses with five employees to those with up to 100 employees, small businesses are the underappreciated backbone of our nation’s workforce. Check out these interesting facts about America’s small businesses:

  1. They help reduce unemployment rates: Statistics show that small businesses account for 60% to 80% of all jobs in the United States. Additionally, since 1998, small businesses have added around 8 million jobs to the workforce. 
  2. There are more than you think: With approximately 25 to 27 million small businesses in operation today, you can find almost anything you need at a local level.
  3. Honesty and transparency: Small businesses value their employees and customers more than larger businesses, which means they are typically much more often honest and upfront with their prices, product sourcing, and production processes. 
  4. They listen: Small business owners are also members of their community. If you bring an issue or suggestion to their attention, it’s almost guaranteed that they'll listen to you and make changes, as you’re their priority.

We can proudly say that we have many long-standing employees here. We also work with local businesses for our own internal services, provide honest, upfront and accountable service to our customers, and most importantly, we listen

Our Small Business Enterprise Certification

After being active members of the Southern California community for decades, Kleen Kraft Services achieved the Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Certification in 2018. We are the only SBE Certified uniform rental company in California.

This official classification, issued by the State of California, required over two months of work and review. Our certification provides us with economic opportunities to help stimulate local business development, and continue providing our customers with the high quality products and services we pride ourselves on. 

Choose the Local, Accountable Uniform Rental Company

During the first week of May, the United States celebrates National Small Business Week. There are virtual and in-person events that take place across the country all week long that recognize the critical contributions of America’s small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Consider this week, and every week, making your next purchase with a small community business, rather than a big national enterprise.

If you’re looking for an independent, locally operated uniform provider that offers high quality products with the personal touch and feel of a small business, choose Kleen Kraft Services. Contact our team today to get started!