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The many benefits of floor mats

When you think about the safety within your facilities, it’s likely you are concerned with slippery spots, wet areas, and tripping hazards. Did you know that floor mats help solve all these problems, among several other benefits? Floor mats are a simple and underappreciated tool that can not only help avoid accidents, but they can also keep your employees comfortable while on the job. When it comes to all the dirt, dust, water, and other debris that can get tracked into your facilities, entrance mats will stop that in its tracks. This will keep your building looking clean, professional, and safe. What’s more, a mat cleaning and maintenance regimen is included in your rental program, so your mats will always appear clean and tidy. 

Talk to One of our trained professional team members

At Kleen Kraft Services, we are proud to offer a variety of different floor mats that are sure to meet the specific needs of your facility. The simple secret to choosing the right mats? Speak to one of our trained professionals to help you find the perfect solution for your facility. Here’s a selection of some of the mats we offer:

Custom Logo Mats

The best choice for entrances and hallways, our custom logo mats will promote your brand and welcome everyone who walks in the door.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Recommended by the National Safety Council, our anti-fatigue mats ease the pressure and fatigue felt by those employees working long hours on their feet.

Scraper Mats

Help keep your floors and carpets clean while preventing slip and fall accidents. The rough texture of scraper mats makes them perfect for inside or outside all your entry points to help remove dirt, debris, and moisture from visitor’s shoes.

Comfort Floor Mats

Our comfort flow mats are designed to provide a cushioned, anti-slip surface that allows liquids to drain away, keeping your employees from standing on wet floors. Comfort flow mats are ideal for kitchen and food processing lines where spills occur frequently.

Entrance Mats

Designed in a variety of colors and sizes, our entrance mats help keep your facilities free of dust. These carpeted mats are a good choice to prevent slips on hard surface floors during rainy weather.

Stepwell Sanitizing Mat

An innovative entrance mat equipped with an abrasive insert combined with liquid sanitizer to disinfect the soles of the shoes of anyone that comes into your facility, ensuring your workplace stays safe and healthy.

choose the reliable rental programs of kleen kraft services

The biggest complaints we hear from businesses that are unhappy with their uniform providers are as follows:

  1. Missing, late, and incomplete deliveries
  2. Confusing or excessive billing
  3. No real people to talk to with questions or issues

At Kleen Kraft Services, we always make sure to build personal relationships with our clients. Your mat rental maintenance will be handled by the same route service representative, so you see a familiar face with every delivery. Our state-of-the-art G-Mark tracking technology provides you with accurate inventory and on time deliveries. Additionally, our invoicing is crystal clear, laying out the amount, inventory, and weekly cost. With no hidden fees and someone always available to talk to for any questions or concerns, we guarantee your satisfaction with every delivery.

Are you ready to add floor mats to your uniform rental program, or are you looking to switch to a local, reliable uniform provider? Contact us today to get started!