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A Lab Coat can serve many purposes across different career fields. When you think of a Lab Coat, you might think of someone in the medical field, like a doctor or maybe a dentist. But Lab Coats are used in laboratories, animal hospitals, pharmacies, and so much more.

Benefits of the Lab Coat

The Lab Coat not only gives you a professional look, it also serves as a protective barrier between you and the chemicals and other substances that surround employees in their workspace. The coat covers their clothes and body, protecting from possible spills and exposure to bacteria. Because of the design, a Lab Coat as part of the uniform is easy to remove in emergencies, such as unexpected chemical reactions, spills, and even fires.

Lab Coat Uniforms Provide Protection for all Industries

Not all industries have the same style and cleaning standards when it comes to Lab Coats. The styles of Lab Coats used in a food manufacturing facility have different features as well as different washing requirements than those in pharmaceuticals and healthcare. A Lab Coat rental program with Kleen Kraft Services ensures your garments have the right type of cuffs, closures, and material for the type of work and are all handled, washed, and pressed in compliance with your industry.

Lab Coats, Not Just for Healthcare

We provide customized Lab Coat rental programs to a variety of industries, including those listed below.

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Food processing & manufacturing
  • Research & development labs
  • Veterinary & animal hospitals
  • And more

Lab Coats for Your Company

At Kleen Kraft, we understand the importance of hygienically clean and professional Lab Coats. We offer a selection of Lab Coat styles and fabrics that are ideal for a variety of settings. Our Lab Coat and uniform laundering programs meet or exceed all established OSHA and CDC protocols, ensuring the removal of any contaminants, helping your staff stay confidently clean and safe on the job.

Our uniform rental programs can be tailored to what your company needs. Our personalized uniform options include:

  • Cost effective uniform and Lab Coat rental program
  • No need to purchase Lab Coats upfront
  • Stay in compliance with all uniform guidelines set by OSHA and CDC
  • In-house repairs and constant uniform inspections keep your garments looking and feeling like new
  • Selection of sizes, styles, and fabrics
  • Custom embroidery, logo’d, and personalized uniforms available
  • Local, one-on-one customer service that’s second to none

Interested in renting Lab Coats for your employees? Contact us today to learn more or request a quote.