Loading dock worker uniforms in Los Angeles from Kleen Kraft Services

On the Docks: Uniform Safety Tips for Loading Dock Workers

Loading dock workers have a difficult and sometimes dangerous job, whether they are loading and unloading trucks, filling containers, or moving materials around the building. Many accidents on the shipping dock can be avoided by wearing the correct workwear. Keep your employees protected from injury, from weather, and visible during all hours with enhanced visibility uniforms.

Uniforms Can Increase Visibility to Decrease Accidents

How can you protect what you can’t see? For an employee working on the shipping dock, visibility is essential to keeping him or her safe. They’re often moving large pallets of freight throughout your facility, around corners, even from building to building, which is dangerous. These jobs often require the use of heavy machinery and intense physical labor which can also lead to accidents if dock workers can’t see each other and others can’t see them. Reflective or enhanced visibility workwear is usually a requirement for dock workers according to nearly all loading dock safety regulations.

Kleen Kraft Services offers a variety of enhanced visibility uniform garments including work shirts, pants, coveralls and more. These safety garments are part of a wide spectrum of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for workers in many industries including those on the shipping docks. With added visibility comes added protection for your employees.

Gear Up for Safety

We’ve been working with businesses throughout the greater Los Angeles area for nearly 70 years. Our team understands the potentially dangerous situations and conditions your employees face day in and day out. We’re happy to assist you in creating a uniform rental program specific to your safety and budgetary requirements. With our large selection of shirts, pants, vests, jackets, rain gear, coveralls and more, we are sure to have what you need! And if we don’t have it as a stock offering, we’re happy to get it for you.

Our specially designed safety uniform programs will keep your employees, especially those working on the shipping and receiving docks, comfortable and visible to avoid on-the-job accidents and oversights. Contact us to learn more about all of our uniform rental options and see how we’re a great fit for you!