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Breaking Up With Your Uniform Provider Doesn't Have to be Hard to Do

Are you constantly frustrated with your current uniform provider? Having to deal with late deliveries, low-quality garments, or lack of communication shouldn’t be the norm. However, we know that for many businesses, the process of switching can seem like way more trouble than it’s worth and they end up staying in a partnership that isn’t in their best interest. That’s why at Kleen Kraft, our team has made the process of breaking up with your old uniform provider simple and efficient.

We work with you

To make the process of switching uniforms providers easy, Kleen Kraft has an efficient prep and planning process in place for all new customers. Our team works with you to uncover the issues you had with your previous supplier and create an individualized program that addresses all of your needs. Not only that, but you’ll have a dedicated Route Service Representative, making it easy for you to get in touch with us when you have a problem or question.

We Keep your employees outfitted

At Kleen Kraft, we understand that you can’t have employees working without the uniforms they need to be safe, healthy, and productive on the job. So, as a local SoCal uniform provider, we can ensure that when you switch to us your employees have quality, fitted uniforms within just 14 days. With our advance planning, you can experience a seamless transition from your old provider to Kleen Kraft Services without missing a single day of uniform service. And with our G-Mark Inventory System and unique in-line repair system, we can give you the peace of mind that you’ll always receive your deliveries on time, 100% complete, and with high-quality garments.

Contactless service options

During this time where health and safety is a top priority, we make switching uniform providers even easier by offering contactless customer service options. From virtual meetings with our team to contactless sizing for your employees, we will continue to adapt our policies and services to best serve you.

Switch to a Uniform Provider You Can Rely On

For our team, providing our customers with the high-quality uniform rental and facility service supplies they deserve is our top priority and that dedication is what sets us apart from our competitors. It’s why we call ourselves The Accountable Uniform Company. It’s just one of the many reasons why switching to Kleen Kraft makes your life easier—not harder. If you’re interested in switching, contact one of our representatives to get started today!