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At Kleen Kraft Services, we have a deep understanding of what it takes to be HACCP compliant.  As regulated by the F.D.A., HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Initiative) is mandatory for meat & poultry, juice, and seafood manufacturers, but all food manufacturing facilities adhere to similar preventative standards.  The big idea behind HACCP is to control and prevent potential food safety hazards by requiring certain principles be followed. Just as these principles apply to manufacturers, they apply to us and have informed our approach to cleaning and caring for food processing uniforms.

When businesses choose us as their uniform rental supplier, they can be confident that their garments are consistently compliant in design, function, and cleanliness. We are the partner of choice for many food manufacturing processors in Southern California, and here are a few (5 to be exact!) reasons why.

  1. Our uniforms are designed with compliance in mind.

Our food processing uniforms have been customized based on the requirements set forth by the HACCP. This includes uniforms designed specifically for food handlers such as pocketless shirts and aprons, butcher wraps, snap-front buttonless shirts, food safety lab coats, and more.

  1. We use specialized fabric meant for your food facility.

A strong laundering process is part of the deal when it comes to cleaning and remaining HACCP compliant. That means your uniforms need to be made with strong, durable fabric that can withstand the wash on a weekly basis. The fabric should also be comfortable and non-constrictive, keeping your employees safe on the job.

  1. We use an organized process that protects your facility from cross contamination.

Many of our garments are color-coded, helping quality control managers make sure that certain garments and materials stay within certain areas. With us, you don’t have to guess or hope for food safety, we help you guarantee it.

  1. We maintain a safe and sterile laundry process.

Our laundering process has been outlined and tested to comply with the rigorous sanitation requirements needed at your facility. Read more about our step-by-step approach to laundry processes for HACCP here

  1. Our process is intense, but it has to be.

The process has to be intense to guarantee zero work contaminants. We stand by our uniform selection, inspection and laundering process, continually following through on high-quality, clean uniforms at every delivery.

For more information regarding HACCP compliance, check out Key Considerations When Choosing an HACCP Uniform Supplier.

Learn more about Kleen Kraft Services today and contact us for a quote or more information. We’d love to learn about your uniform program needs and create one that’s perfect for your business.