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Women Are Leaders In Innovation

In the month of March, we celebrate Women’s History Month. Women bring a unique perspective and innovative solutions to industries wherever they work. At Kleen Kraft Services, and around the country, we wouldn’t be where we are today without the women in our lives. This month, we celebrate women around the country including the women that work in the industries that we serve with our uniform rental and facility product rental services.

Unisex Uniforms? Not at Kleen Kraft

Uniforms play many roles in your business. One of those roles includes keeping your employees safe and comfortable while they are on the job. In recent news, Walmart is undergoing a class-action lawsuit due to their refusal to provide uniforms designed for women, only offering one style of uncomfortable, ill-fitting garments to their delivery drivers. These female drivers were forced to purchase and launder their own garments, or else wear uncomfortable clothes provided by the business. At Kleen Kraft Services, all of our uniforms are made with high quality material in both men’s and women’s styles – for the same cost. When it comes to style and comfort, we know that one size does not fit all. No matter the industry, you will find garments for everyone.

Women Leaders In The Industries We Serve

We are proud to provide uniforms for a multitude of different industries, and we are proud to recognize that many stewards of these industries are women.


  • Mary Barra - CEO and Chairman of General Motors
    • Mary is the first female head of a major auto company since 2014. She has been with GM since 1980 and has served in multiple executive roles in the company. 
  • Trudy Hardy - Vice President of Marketing at BMW of North America
    • Trudy has worked with BMW since 2005. She is responsible for the roll out of the MINI brand in America and is the Vice President Motorrad Americas covering motorcycle operations in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil.

Bioscience & Pharma

  • Swati Deshpande - Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder, and Director of Operations at Datar Cancer Genetics
    • A founding member of the Datar Cancer Genetics team, which is a company that engages in advanced cancer diagnostics research.
  • Dr. Lea Hachigian - Co-founder and Vice President of Strategy and Operations of Be Biopharma
    • Founded in 2020 to develop B-cell medicines, Dr. Hachigian is no stranger to co-founding businesses, including ImmuneID, TScan Therapeutics, and Immunitas Therapeutics.

Manufacturing & Industrial

  • Leah Curry - President of Manufacturing Indiana at Toyota
    • Leah has been at Toyota since 1998 and was recognized in 2013 as one of the 122 women recognized by the Manufacturing Institute. 
  • Radhika Shukla - Global Account Director, US Manufacturing at Microsoft
    • As a Certified Azure Advisor and Global Account Director for US Manufacturing at Microsoft, she has driven digital transformation and innovation in manufacturing since 2002.

A Celebration for Four Decades

Women’s History Month’s origins started as a local celebration in Santa Rosa, California as “Women’s History Week” and has evolved into the national celebration that we see today. For over forty years, we have been celebrating women and we are proud to see so many women leading in their industries.

Do you want to make sure the women on your team look and feel their best? Choose the reliable, independent uniform provider that supports women. Choose Kleen Kraft Services today!