Uniform rentals for manufacturing in Southern California

The Importance of Uniforms in the Manufacturing Industry

Uniforms elevate every workplace to a higher level, benefiting the employees, customers, and the organization itself. The Manufacturing Industry is no different, and in many cases, the need for uniforms is even greater. Here are a few reasons why Kleen Kraft’s uniform rental program is a perfect fit for your company.

On Sight Recognition

  • Need to quickly distinguish someone from one department to another?
  • Need to make sure supervisors and managers are easily identifiable in larger facilities?
  • Want to ensure your customers recognize your employees?

Coordinated, branded manufacturing uniforms are a great way to do these things, all while establishing strong name-brand recognition in your industry.

High-quality uniforms with your colors and logo make your staff instantly recognizable to customers, vendors, and partners. Not only that, but you can have different styles or colors of uniforms for various departments or teams, helping create clarity on the (sometimes chaotic) manufacturing floor.

Uniforms Put Safety First

Picture this: you walk into your manufacturing plant and pause to take in the sights. There are people EVERYWHERE, milling in and around a multitude of different machines and conveyor belts. Each area is designated for a different task and has a range of potential hazards: splashing chemicals, slippery floors, too many moving parts to count, and the potential for heat exhaustion that is all too common in Southern California. How can you help keep your employees safe? Thankfully, Kleen Kraft’s uniforms have you covered, literally!

Our uniform programs and garments are:

  • Compliant with OSHA, the NFPA, and ANSI guidelines
  • Industrial-quality, like work shirts and pants in many different colors
  • Available with flame and soil resistant options
  • Sized to be worn over clothes when needed, for example, coveralls and shop coats
  • Specialized for your needs including enhanced visibility safety apparel
  • Geared for all weather with a variety of outerwear
  • Stain resistant and wrinkle free

And don’t worry, we didn’t forget the dress pants and shirts for your front-of-house teams!

Team Cohesion and Morale

Happy employees lead to efficient operations and increased productivity. At the same time, company provided uniforms contribute to a sense of unity and belonging. By providing high-quality uniforms, your staff can sense that you truly care about them. Give your employees sharp uniforms they can truly feel great about wearing.

Kleen Kraft understands that quality and safety are your top concerns, and that’s why they are the top criteria for our uniform garments. Let us know your needs, and we’ll put together an ideal uniform rental program that will have your employees looking and feeling great, not to mention increasing safety for your entire staff.

In addition, Kleen Kraft takes the hassle out of maintaining your uniform program. Our dependable delivery drivers stop by regularly to pick up uniforms for cleaning and mending and to drop off freshly laundered, inspected, and repaired uniforms, right to your door. Reach out today to learn how we can enhance your production floor with quality uniforms and dependable service!