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The Benefits of Working with a Local Uniform Provider

We know that you have lots of options when it comes to choosing a uniform provider. However, since 1952, Kleen Kraft Services has served Southern California businesses with dedication and accountability that sets us apart from our national competitors. We are large enough to service all of your uniform needs yet small enough to care.

Working with a local uniform service over a national supplier comes with a variety of benefits, from reliable and complete deliveries with no missing garments to personalized customer care. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect when working with a local uniform provider like us.

Independent & Family-Owned

As an independent and family-owned business, we don’t have the difficult hierarchy that larger, national providers do. While we have a dedicated representative who consistently works with you to answer any questions and concerns you might have, our leadership team is always within your reach as well. Because when you work with a local provider like us, you get treated like a member of our family. We give every account the respect and recognition that it deserves because you matter to us.

A Uniform Program Personalized For You

At Kleen Kraft, we take the time to work with you and create a custom, individualized uniform rental or facility services program that fits your operation’s specific needs. We don’t try to offer you any set packages that don’t fit your business. And, even after we get started, we regularly review your account to identify new and better ways to improve your program to provide you with the best value and service.

Customer Care - You Work with REAL People

Communication and customer satisfaction are extremely important to us. As a local provider, we can guarantee that you are always working with a real person. We assign a dedicated Route Representative to your account who works to manage your program and build a long-lasting relationship with you through one-on-one interactions every time they pick up and drop off.

On-Time Deliveries That Are Never Missing a Garment

Are you tired of missing garments or late deliveries? Consistency is key when it comes to uniform rental programs. With a local provider like Kleen Kraft, you will never experience late deliveries or missing garments again because we take the time and care to ensure that every delivery is complete. To ensure this, we use a state-of-the-art G-Mark Barcode System, which guarantees that every uniform is laundered, inspected, and scanned before leaving our facility to provide you with accurate deliveries and 100% complete uniforms.

Repairs & Replacements Without the Requests

Whenever a garment enters our facility, our staff checks, and rechecks your garments to ensure they pass inspections and meet our quality standards. If any come to us needing a repair or replacement, we make it on the spot so you don’t have to file a request later. It’s our responsibility to ensure you always have quality uniforms. We take the initiative to address that before any garment leaves our facility, which many national providers don’t do.

Clear & Understandable Invoicing

 Our invoices outline the size, inventory, and weekly cost of your uniform rental program in a way that is easy for you to understand. We don’t sneak hidden fees in through complex invoicing like some national chains do because we value our relationship with our customers and build that by being transparent and honest.

Ready to Switch Your Uniform PRovider to Kleen Kraft Services? We Make Switching Easy!

At Kleen Kraft Services, we make switching uniform providers easy with our efficient prep and planning process. We work with you to uncover the issues with your previous supplier and create an individualized rental program that addresses your needs, whether you’re in the food processing industry, manufacturing, or automotive. As a local provider, our reputation matters to us! It’s our mission to ensure that your employees have quality, fitted uniforms as soon as possible. We also make adding new or returning employees simple – ask us how.

Ready to switch to The Accountable Uniform Company®? Contact Kleen Kraft Services today to get started!