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April is designated Earth Month, with Earth Day celebrated on April 22, an annual opportunity for all of us to look for ways to reduce our environmental impact. At Kleen Kraft, we are always looking for sustainability strategies. With the high volume of water and energy required to launder thousands of uniforms daily, we pay particular attention to the conservation of those resources. Check out some of the green processes and procedures that we have implemented to be an environmentally sound company.

Eco-Friendly Benefits of Kleen Kraft Uniform Rental

Kleen Kraft Services has always made the choice to be green. Our sustainability practices significantly reduce our environmental impact on the planet. Since Kleen Kraft is a locally owned and operated business, we are directly impacted by and sensitive to the water and power challenges of our local community and take that into consideration when it comes to the eco-friendly processes and procedures we implement in our facility. Water conservation is especially important to us, which is why we’ve invested in water-saving technologies, equipment, and procedures to help conserve this precious resource: 

-   We use a modern energy-efficient water softener system that uses less salt and less energy.
-   We use high-efficiency washing machines that reduce water and energy usage while providing hygienically clean laundering results.
-   We use only specially formulated environmentally safe detergents.
-   Our state-of-the-art TEA system (Thermal Engineering of America) recovers heat from used water to heat incoming water.
-   Our automated systems ensure that the mix and quantity of our detergents used per load are precise, based on size and soil type, ensuring no extra water is wasted.
-   We installed a custom-designed cart washing system that sanitizes with less water.
-   We use a unique on-site truck washing system that nearly eliminates wastewater.

We don’t just stop at water conservation. Some of our other eco-friendly practices include:

-   LED bulbs installed throughout the entire facility, improving energy efficiency.
-   All cardboard boxes are recycled, amounting to approximately 4-6 cubic yards per week.
-   All discarded paper forms are recycled; approximately one 40-gallon container per week.
-   Wire hangers are recycled.
-   Out-of-service garments are recycled for secondary use, reducing textile waste.

Did you know that by choosing a uniform rental program, you are making an eco-friendly choice? Uniform rental is environmentally friendly in many ways. Imagine how much you could reduce your environmental impact if partnered with an eco-friendly uniform rental supplier like Kleen Kraft!

Doing Your Part

Many people are searching for ways to be more eco-friendly in their daily lives, especially here in Southern California. With water shortages continuing to be an important issue, even after our wet winter, every small change helps to conserve. Here are some simple changes each of us can make to help reduce our water footprint: 

  1. Take shorter showers (about 5 mins) and save over 10 gallons of water.
  2. Run the dishwasher full rather than half full, and save up to 15 gallons of water per load.
  3. Only do laundry when you have a full load and you’ll save 15-45 gallons per load.
  4. If you have a yard, garden, or potted plants outside, water early in the day or around dusk. If watered under the hot sun, the water can evaporate much faster, therefore requiring more frequent watering. This can save you 25 gallons per day!
  5. Set sprinklers to a timer and make sure they aren’t leaking. This saves between 12 - 20 gallons of water per use.
  6. Partner with Kleen Kraft Services for your uniform needs! Commercial laundering is far more efficient than home laundry in both energy and water usage.

By adopting eco-friendly practices, we can each make a positive contribution to a sustainable future for our planet. Every little step counts towards a greener, cleaner, and healthier world for all.

Small Changes, Big Results

Making small changes to our daily lives will have big results for our planet. Whether taking shorter showers or choosing a customized uniform program from Kleen Kraft, we all have the ability to make a change.

Want to take a step that benefits both your employees and the planet? Contact Kleen Kraft today!