uniform rental cost blog

Have you paid enough attention to your current uniform rental cost?

Do you find yourself with too much or too little of a product?

Are late or incomplete deliveries slowing down your business?

Do you keep seeing confusing or ambiguous fees on your invoices?

Confusing bills are an obvious source of pain when you’re dealing with one of the national uniform companies. But there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Consider the additional costs associated with tracking and documenting incomplete deliveries. Also, think about the time your manager spends contacting corporate to resolve these issues, or the decrease in productivity when workers do not have uniforms.   

Below, we outline just how proper asset management can benefit your business and save on expenses you didn’t even know were costing you.


Asset management helps businesses improve practices and tactics that contribute to the overall revenue goals of the organization.

In general, proper asset management:

  • Enhances budgeting and planning
  • Boosts productivity
  • Reduces losses
  • Helps manage equipment
  • Enhances maintenance
  • Ensures regulatory compliance

Asset management is vital to any organization looking to grow, whether your business is involved in manufacturing, automotive, food processing, or any other industry.


It’s a fact that in the textile rental industry, bigger isn’t better. According to the CSCNetwork's report, 74% of customers who use independently owned uniform and linen rental providers say they will "definitely" renew their contract, compared to 52% who use national chains.

It's also true that businesses that shifted from a national chain to a local provider reported that their service expectations were exceeded.

When you work with a national company, you’re likely to deal with these issues often:

  • Missing Garments: This translates into unhappy employees who may have to miss work without their uniforms or work shirts.
  • Incomplete Deliveries: Are your managers wasting valuable time tracking down uniforms from the provider instead of running your business?
  • Damaged Garments and Repairs: When pockets get torn, buttons pop off, or hems pull out, your workers start to look and feel shabby and won’t make a good impression on your clients.
  • Poorly Fitting Uniforms: Unhappy workers and lower productivity result from uncomfortable uniforms. Taking care of your employees is crucial; at Kleen Kraft, we take the time to measure each individual and provide sample garments for the best fit.
  • Billing Policies and Extra Fees: If your current uniform rental service keeps adding unexplained price increases and expects you to pay, those little line items will add up and eat away at your margins. An annual cost should never catch you off guard, and you should always be aware of the true cost well before you receive your invoice.
  • Not Properly Laundered: This can become a non-compliance issue. If you're in food processing or other industries where regulations and compliance with cleanliness standards are critical, then you need a uniform program you can count on.
  • Unresponsive Management: When you run into problems with your uniforms or have questions about bills, getting timely answers is a priority. Stop waiting hours, days, or weeks to hear back from a provider who doesn’t value your business.

Finding a uniform rental company that works with you to solve these issues is the definition of proper asset management. However, we know that switching uniform providers can be a daunting thought.

Luckily, Kleen Kraft makes switching seamless and simple.


Don’t put up with the hassle; it only wastes your time and costs you money.

Kleen Kraft does more than just provide excellent service and high-quality uniforms; our reliable rental service means your uniform assets are managed so you can focus on doing what you do best – running your business.

We care about you and your employees, so we’ll always ensure you have complete, properly cleaned, and comfortable uniforms, so your staff can do their job right. With no hidden fees and customer service you can count on, what’s stopping you from starting your rental program with us?

You can depend on us to be accountable, and honest, and work with you like a partner. Contact Kleen Kraft today!