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It's an Industrial Uniform Revolution

The global workwear and uniform market is projected to grow by 5% between 2020 to 2027. What’s leading this uniform revolution? Growing trends in fashionable, yet functional workwear and rising demand for the protection of worker health and safety are the leading factors for companies deciding to implement uniform programs, but not the only reasons.

Just as manufacturing has become more precise and higher-tech, the clothing your employees wear has too. Gone are the days of stiff blue work pants and shirts.

Sure, those are still available, but the apparel and options from today’s garment suppliers include more fashionable clothing with fabrics that flex and move, and are made of moisture-wicking materials (ideal for those incredibly hot SoCal days), alongside extended sizes and women’s uniform garments. Your employees can all be outfitted in clothing that fits them and represents your company.

The added form, function, and comfort of today’s uniform garments are an evolution of uniform rental programs. Plus, uniforms provide companies with a ton of benefits you may never have realized.

Here are some of the top reasons why companies switch to uniform programs

Workplace Safety is a Top Priority

First and foremost, companies are increasingly focusing on providing their employees with the highest level of safety in the workplace, and uniforms are a big contributor to that.

For industries like manufacturing, flame-resistant garments can help prevent workplace injuries from operating heavy machinery or accidental electrical surges and arc flashes. For the transportation and material handling industries, high-visibility uniforms can protect workers from being struck by heavy equipment or oncoming traffic.

With workplace sanitation being a top priority in 2020, a uniform rental program from Kleen Kraft offers laundering services so that worker uniforms are cleaned to the highest standards, far beyond what any home laundry can achieve. This is especially important for food processing businesses that must prevent contamination.

Our uniform service will provide you with sanitized garments that can help to maintain the efficiency of your operations. Still, it’s becoming more relevant for many businesses – offering employee uniforms ensures additional levels of cleanliness for all your workforce, from the front office to the shop floor and everywhere in between.

Creating a Professional Image with Customization

Not only do uniforms provide functional purposes, but they also serve to help companies present a unified and professional brand image that can help retain customers.

Uniform programs give you the option to use your logos on any garment you order so your workers are always representing your company.

Outside the workplace, uniforms with your logo or other garments you may order like outerwear or accessories serve as free advertising for your products and services to the public.

Building Worker Morale

Uniforms have a profound impact on employee morale and help to build a sense of team spirit and belonging to a company.

By providing your employees with a uniform program, you are instilling a sense of pride and responsibility towards your company at all levels.

Uniform programs can subtly deepen employee loyalty and create a positive work environment which can help to increase productivity too!

Join the revolution with Kleen Kraft!

At Kleen Kraft, we provide the highest quality garments with a customer-first mentality.

We are focused on addressing the changing needs of our customers through our individualized and customizable rental programs that allow us to serve a wide variety of industries like food processing, manufacturing, automotive, laboratories, and more.

Our food processing uniform programs strictly follow HACCP compliance, and we are continuously improving our services and technology to best serve our customers.

Thinking about implementing a uniform rental program? Contact us to learn more and set up your individualized program today.